Saturday, June 3, 2023

Homemade Soy Milk 【自制豆浆/豆奶】

I started a budget for our grocery spending in May just to have a better understanding of how much we actually spend for grocery a month, with inflation and the current economy, it is crucial to be conscious about finances.

I also started a plan to utilize most of the stock we have in pantry before buying more stuff. With that said, I have been making homemade milk (soy, almond milk mostly) for my breakfast. Homemade soy milk is so smooth and creamy that it even gives me some bean curds!



Friday, June 2, 2023

Home-made Chickpea Tempeh/Tempe 【鹰嘴豆丹贝】



传统的做法是把煮熟脱皮的大豆加入根黴属(Rhizopus spp.)真菌,用香蕉叶包裹,室温(30C/85F)左右发酵36-48个小时,成白色饼状豆制品.可以用来烹调成多种不同的美食,是天然的肉类代替品。


真是营养好吃的食品,和豆腐/纳豆齐名喔!在欧美,丹贝也越来越受素食者的欢迎,一般的健康食品专卖店如 Whole food/Trader Joes 都有售卖丹贝或丹贝制作的素食品,也越来越多人开始自己在家制作丹贝罗!


Tempeh/Tempe is a fermented soy bean product originally from Indonesia. It is traditionally made with cooked soy bean (shelled) naturally cultured/fermented with Rhizopus spp. wrapped in banana leaves,  and leave it under Indonesia/Malaysia's tropic weather (30C/85F)for 36-48 hours. 

A white colour cake will form, and can be use to cook many delicious dishes, it is often used as meat analogue in some recipes too.

It has gained more and more fame amongst vegetarian/vegan, so much so that people do start making it at home!

Today I tried making tempeh with Chickpeas and it turned out to be softer and equally tasty comparing to the Soy bean version!

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

【印尼碎碎鸡】Ayam Penyet




Nasi Ayam Penyet is my absolute favourite Indonesian dish, which is second to none. It has all the Southeast Asian elements that I liked. Spicy and savory, together with my favorite fried tofu and tempeh, and a refreshing salad on the side. It is a complete satisfying meal to the taste buds and the stomach.

I usually get my Ayam Penyet fix from an Indonesian supermarket half an hour away from home. It just so happens that I have a lovely fan from a China cooking app that has been asking me to write a recipe on Ayam Penyet for almost a year now. 

Since I just made a batch of Tempeh this week, it is a good time to make this Ayam Penyet since the side is ready. And a good chance to crossout one of my to do list.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

【奶油马铃薯浓汤】Cream of Potato Soup




I made some garlic butter spread not long ago, it makes delicious garlic bread, goes well with creamy soup and is the best brunch over the weekend!

Tuesday, May 23, 2023


I love tempeh as a side dish for rice dishes and have been making tempeh at home pretty frequently. I normally make my tempeh in  zipped lock bags or clean plastic bags. 
I have been wanting to make my tempeh wrapping in banana leaves, as banana leaves contain polyphenol compounds, as contained in tea leaves. Due to the polyphenols, banana leaves produce a distinctive taste and aroma in tempeh.
Besides, I am all for a much more environmental friendly options any time!

Sunday, May 21, 2023

【玉米面豆沙包】Corn Meal Adzuki Bean Paste Steamed Buns

我经常在家里做红豆包,是个很方便的早点和点心,自己做的也可以按喜好调整甜度,没有买来的齁甜, 今天做的这款豆沙包面皮加了玉米面,成品带有玉米香,更好吃!

I make Adzuki bean steamed buns a lot for breakfast, I liked that it is healthy and I could make it less sweet compared to the shop bought version, today I make a batch adding Corn Meal to the Skin dough, it turned out to be so fragrance and a lot more nutritious for sure.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Steamed Kaya (Steamed Coconut Egg Jam) 【蒸法咖椰/椰子酱】

I have made several kaya recipes with different methods, some takes longer time than others. One of the recipes even require standing in front of the stove and stir for hours.

The kaya I made today is made by the steaming method. It turned out legitimate, and I am loving the end result.


My other Kaya Recipes/其他咖椰食谱:

Seri Kaya (Coconut Egg Jam) 【咖央/椰子酱】

Caramel Kaya (Crock pot Version) 【慢炖锅版咖椰】

Pumpkin Kaya(Pumpkin Coconut Jam / Vegan Kaya )【南瓜椰子酱 】

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Ayam masak merah & Nasi tomato 【马来红炒鸡块&番茄香饭】

Ayam masak merah ('red-cooked chicken' in Malay) is a Malaysian chicken dish, cooked in spicy red chili sauce. It is often paired with tomato rice – a type of savory rice cooked with tomato paste, milk, dried spices. The duo is in my opinion, the best combo and hits the spot whenever I crave for some Malaysian dishes.

I made a batch of Homemade Tomato Paste last year with the last harvest of the tomatoes from my backyard.  I use it to make both the Ayam Masak Merah and Tomato rice and it turned out so well. You can also use the shop bought tomato paste, it will taste just as good, I promise.

Ayam masak merah(马来语中的“红炒鸡块”)是一款用辣椒酱烹制的鸡肉料理,和番茄焖饭搭配食用。在我看来,这个组合是我想吃马来美食时的最佳选择,香辣又饱腹,感觉就像回到家乡了一样。

去年秋末我把我家后院最后收获的西红柿用来做了几瓶番茄酱。 今天用它来制作 Ayam Masak Merah 和番茄焖饭,效果非常好。 你也可以用市售的番茄酱,味道差别不会太大。