Sunday, April 25, 2021

Lauki Halwa (लौकी का हलवा) 【瓠瓜甜品】

My aunt Annie planted some vegetables and called for me to pick a few from her garden.  I was shocked by the bottle squash she planted, it was so long that it is even higher than my 8 year old!

I used 1/3 of the squash to make Lauki Halwa and it turned out really good.

去年夏天阿姨让我到她家拿点她自己种的蔬菜 , 结果我一去到就被她拿出来的一根瓠瓜吓到了.
阿姨钟的瓜居然比我儿子还要高! 真正的厉害.

我把1/3的瓠瓜拿来做这个俊爹很爱吃的甜点 Lauki Halwa。成色很好,味道也很棒噢!