Thursday, August 20, 2020

【咸排骨花生粥】Salted Ribs and Peanut Congee


自从三月新泽西州宣布“就地避难” (Shelter-in-place)后,除了少数出门买菜的时候外,我们一家三口就闭关在家那么多个月了,上两周天气闷热,没什么胃口,也不想站在炉子前做饭,就做了一锅咸排骨花生粥,味道真的非常好。

I have been cooking 3 square meals everyday for the past 6 months since the order of shelter in place back in March, it is getting more and more challenging to think of dishes to cook on daily basis. 

Since the weather was quite humid and it is hard to labor in front of a hot stove, I decided to make a one pot meal today for the three of us. A very tasty Salted Ribs and Peanut Congee.