Monday, November 28, 2016

Kashmiri Pulao 【克什米尔香饭】

Unlike most Pulaos in India, Kashmiri Pulao is known to be mild, aromatic and slightly to the sweet side. Garnishing with fresh fruits like pomegranate and some dry fruits makes it look so colorful and appetizing.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Accordion Potato 【风琴土豆】

I made these grilled potatoes to go with our XinJiang Style Lamb Chops today. This spiced potato chips are so good that we fought for the last bite!

For those who doesn't like your potato too spicy, you can try the non-spicy grilled potato chips that I made earlier.



XinJiang Style Lamb Chops 【孜然烤羊排】

It is Thanksgiving today, we decided to have a quiet celebration this year, just the three of us.  I decided to make hubby's favourite lamb chops instead of Turkey as there is no way we could have finished the whole turkey, no matter how we try. 

I have made this lamb chops many times with my Homemade BBQ seasoning powder, it always turned out very juicy and delicious. 



Sunday, November 20, 2016

【泰式炒河粉】Pad Thai (Thai Fried Flat Rice noodle)

Pad Thai在泰国是大街小巷都可以找到的炒粉,它几乎就是泰国人口味的缩影,酸甜辣鲜。来了美国我尝试过好几家泰国餐厅,不得不说的是,都让我非常地失望。

尤其是这个Pad Thai,来到了美国变成又甜又腻的炒粉。在泰国,它不是这样的,泰国街边的Pad Thai,干爽,香辣,火候足,颜色没有那么红艳。今天,让我们在家试试泰国街边摊的Pad Thai吧!

Pad Thai is a very common street food in Thailand, especially in Bangkok, those hawkers who made this dish day in and day out do it with such a perfection, they managed to stir in right amount of char to the rather common ingredients of all Thai foods and make it taste so unique and unforgettable!

I have tried Pad Thai in many restaurants here in the states and in Europe, I wouldn't hide my disappointment, as it is often too oily and way too sweet! I stopped ordering from a restaurant, when I crave for it, I just make it at home, since I almost always have the ingredients needed at home.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mustard Green Rice/Dua Cai Peng 【芥菜饭】

My mum used to make this Giam P'ng (Hokkien Salted Rice) back home, there are similar dishes made with pumpkin, Long bean and yam.

It is prepared almost like the Spanish Paella, the rice is cooked together with ingredients and seasoning in a pot/wok and later simmer to perfection. It is simply irresistible, every spoon of it is a charm!

I have planted some Chinese mustard green end of summer, harvested handful of times, with the last two batch, I made this rice casserole to remind me of the taste of home. 




Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sotong Kangkung 鱿鱼蕹菜

Sotong Kangkung or Cuttlefish salad with Water spinach/Convolvulus is a very common street food in Malaysia, it is normally sold at the same stall that sales Rojak Buah/Fruits Rojak since the sauce are pretty similar.

Sotong Kangkung contains blanched cuttlefish and water spinach/convolvulus then are tossed with prawn paste, chili, sweet sauce. It will then top with sesame seeds and grounded peanuts before serving.



Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fennel Dumplings/Jiaozi 【茴香饺子】

We love Jiaozi/Chinese Dumplings a lot, frozen dumplings are often my go to for a quick fix for dinner or snack. Though I am very happy with the frozen Jiaozi from the local Asian market, I still make Jiaozi from scratch once in a while when I have time at hand.

I made Dill Jiaozi today for lunch, it is one type that is not sold as frozen, maybe because it is not that common and dill for many, is a taste yet to develop. 

One thing though probably worth mentioning. I planted the dill I used today in summer, I just sprinkled a handful of Fennel seeds I have in my pantry and it grown into dill plants! 

So now, I am really confused, if fennel seeds gave me dills, why is it called fennel seeds?




Fennel leaves on the left, Dill on the right

Update:I have received a couple of feedbacks on the forum I frequented about the plant I planted. With great curiousity I did a little research and find that the plant I used for these dumplings is indeed Fennel.

According to :

There are two types of fennel.

One is treated as an herb (herb fennel – Foeniculum vulgare) and one that is treated like a bulb type vegetable (Florence fennel or Finocchio – Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce).

The herb type grows 3-5 feet tall with fine textured foliage resembling dill. Flat topped clusters of yellow flowers appear in late summer. Stems, leaves and seeds of this type of fennel are harvested and used. Florence fennel is shorter with darker green foliage and is grown for its large, flat thick rosette of petioles at the base often referred to as a “bulb.” Both forms have an anise or licorice flavor.





Thursday, November 3, 2016

How to Soak and Prepare Dried Cuttlefish 如何泡发鱿鱼干

I wanted to make Kangkung sotong for a long time, but I had difficulty finding pre-soaked cuttlefish in the local market. I read an article about how alkali/alkaline water was made from the wood ashes in old time.

Since I have ashes in my Charcoal BBQ grill and some dried cuttlefish, I decided to create alkaline water and soak the cuttlefish the old fashioned way.