Tuesday, February 28, 2023

【红豆沙】Adzuki Bean Paste



Adzuki bean paste is one of my favorite fillings for desserts, I often make a box of it and keep in the refrigerator, which is very convenient when I needed it.

I sometimes also make the bean paste without grinding it into paste. The method is similar to making the paste, just omit the step of blending the bean into a paste before stir frying.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Yellow Dal Paratha 【豆糊烙饼】

I made Simple Dal/Yellow dal for dinner two days ago, and was left with about 2 cups of the dal in the fridge. Today, I turned the dal into high protein dough and made this leftover dal paratha, very tasty and healthy!


Friday, February 24, 2023

【嘛嘛罗惹】Rojak Mamak/Pesembur

Rojak mamak/Rojak Mee/Pesembur is another common dish served at the mamak stalls in Malaysia, a type of roadside stalls owned mostly by the Indian Muslim community in Malaysia.

This dish truly represents the spirit of the country where it was created, a mixed of different flavors -- savory, sweetness and spiciness, with multiple items serving together, that is no wonder when a Malaysian tries to describe something of that sort, a mixed of different things, we called it the "Rojak", as an adjective!



Monday, February 20, 2023

【椰丝炸丸子】Cucur Kelapa/ Coconut Fritter

这款椰丝炸丸子没它的近亲马来炸虾饼和炸香蕉糕/丸子有名,却是另一款有名的马来街头小吃Rojak Mamak的标配。


Not as famous as its close relatives Cucur Udang & Cucur Pisang, this Coconut fritter is one of the essential ingredients in the famous Malaysian Street Food Rojak Mamak.

A very good snack for afternoon tea on its own too!

Friday, February 17, 2023

【大米松糕】Rice flour Steamed Cake


Steamed Rice Flour Cake is a type of steamed cake that I like very much. 

This steamed cake has a very special texture, a little chewy and fluffy at the same time. The special aroma of red bean paste also makes the cake taste even more fragrant and sweet.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

【浥饭/油饭】Eik P'ng/Oil Rice

在闽南的民俗文化里,满月宴是庆祝家里新生命到来不可或缺的重要宴席。各家会按自己的能力尽量把礼仪都做全,为家中的新生儿办满月宴。 一般满月宴里一定会有浥[yì]饭,也叫“油饭”或 “香油饭”,寓意婴儿会健康成长。


It is the folk customs of southern Fujian, to serve this Eik P'ng/ Oil rice at the full moon celebration for new born in the family. The Eik P'ng also called "oil rice" or "fragrant oil rice", it carries the meaning and wishes that the baby will grow up healthily.

This dish is made of dried tofu, dried shrimp, dried shiitake mushrooms, meat and other ingredients, together with glutinous rice. It is a very delicious rice dish on its own.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

十全十美【盆菜】Poon Choi



Poon Choi is a type of Hakka dish made with more than a dozen of dishes/ingredients. It is a traditional dish from the Hakka Village in Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong, and the eating customs of Shenzhen and the New Territories of Hong Kong. 

It is a traditional Chinese New Year dish in many regions.

I intended to make this dish for New Year's Eve this year, and bought the ingredients in preparation for the event. Just to find out that I contracted COVID-19 before New Year's Eve. 

After resting for more than ten days and is fully recovered. While it is still within the 15th days of CNY, I decided to complete my Poon Choi to celebrate Chap Goh Meh !