Thursday, March 28, 2013

Braised Trotter with Mee Suah

As I have some braised pig trotter, I made this Mee Suah for lunch, this thin noodle is traditionally consumed in the southern part of China-- The Fujian Province, and widely used as cooking ingredients in Taiwan  Singapore & Malaysia.

This dish is to be eaten for good luck in Taiwan, normally after something bad happened, or when one wishing for luck, so now, lets all get some good luck!

Friday, March 22, 2013

【百叶结烧猪手】Braised Trotter with Tofu Knots


I bought two trotters thinking of making soy soup -- the famous Chinese lactogenic food, with just one attempt and took me 2 days to finish one pot of soup, I just can't think of having the same soup again !

So the remaining trotter pieces were made into this dish with my favorite tofu knots, the tofu knots taste way better than the meat after soaking up all the gravy !

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

【印度奶酪软糖】Peda/Pheda/Pera -- Indian Milk Fudge


Sweets are part of celebration in Indian culture, we used to buy sweets from "Methai Shop", you could choose different kind of sweets and they charge by the weight, the last few years I have made it a point to make at least 1-2 types of sweets at home for the celebration.

This peda is one of them this year, not to mention that it was over wayyyyy before diwali!!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

【香蕉炸糕】Mashed Banana Fritter (Cucur Pisang/Cekodok Pisang)



I used to get 40 Cents for pocket money everyday when I attended primary school. Back then 40 cents is good enough for a kid to buy morning snacks and some tidbits.

One of my favorite snacks to buy during school days is this Cucur Pisang, a Malaysian version of Banana fritter.

It is pretty easy to make it at home, a good way to use overripe banana beside baking into banana bread!