Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stir-fried potato, eggplant and green pepper/Di San Xian【地三鲜】

This is a very traditional North Eastern Dish from China that I learnt from a friend. I made it for my family when I visited Malaysia the last time, to my surprise, everyone loved it! Including my brother who had never fancy vegetarian dishes!

I promise mum that I will write a recipe for this dish as soon as I reach home, and here it is!





1-2 Japanese/Chinese Brinjal cut into big chunks
2 medium size Potato cut into big chunks
3-4 green chilli(I use horn chilli, hot banana works too)Discard seeds, and cut into pieces.
1 tbsp Chopped Spring Onion
1 tbsp minced Garlic
1 tsp Corn Starch
1 cup of water/chicken stock

1 tbsp Light Soy Sauce
1 tsp Dark Soy Sauce
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste

1-2 根 茄子
2 只 中型的马铃薯
3-4只青椒 (我喜欢用牛角椒)
1 大勺 葱花
1 大勺 蒜蓉
1 小勺 芡粉
1 杯水/高汤

1 大勺 酱油

1 小勺 老抽
盐 适量
糖 适量

1. Clean all ingredients, cut brinjal and potato into big chunks, slice green chili into big pieces. Mince garlic and chopped spring onion.

2. Heat up 2-3 inches of vegetable oil in a wok and deep fried potatoes until it is golden in color, deep fried brinjal pieces for 2-3 minutes. Quickly stir and fry chili pieces in hot oil for 30 seconds to retain shines and the crunchiness of Chili.

3. Take out most of the oil from wok. Leave only about 1 tsp in, add minced garlic and spring onion, stir until fragrant. 

4. Add potato,brinjal pieces and chili back into the wok, add water/stock and bring to boil. Season with soy sauce, sugar and salt. Cook for few more minutes. Taste to see if the salt is right, use a little starch with water to thicken the gravy.

1. 先把材料全部处理好,茄子和马铃薯/土豆切滚刀块,辣椒切块状。葱蒜剁碎备用。

2. 起油锅,先把马铃薯/土豆块,炸至金黄色。然后把茄子也炸几分钟,最后把辣椒到热油里过一过就好。

3. 把材料都沥干油。锅里的油倒出,留下大约一小匙的油。把葱蒜下锅爆香后把所有材料倒入稍微翻炒后加高汤或者水一杯煮滚。加酱油老抽,糖盐调味后再煮几分钟。试试味道后打薄芡即可。



  1. I love eggplant and they can be cook in any style. This will be one of my to try dish. Any tips on how you retain the bright purple on the skin after cooking the eggplants? Mine will always turn to brown.

  2. Hi Icook4fun, welcome! The tip to retain the colour of Brinjal is after frying, make sure the skin/purple colour side face outward, as long as the pieces are not cramp together, the colour stays better.

  3. this dish is absolutely tempting, yum!

  4. Hi Home Cooking.. welcome to my blog!! Yeah.. this is a very nice vegetarian dish.. absolutely tasty!

  5. i love this blog. please keep posting, i really enjoy your blog. :) God bless!