Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bird Nest with Snow Pear 【冰糖雪梨炖燕窝】

My mom saw my Bird Nest with Red Dates and Gingko and Bird Nest on Chicken Congee earlier and told me her friend likes to make bird nest with Snow Pear. It sounded like a really good recipe and I made it few days ago and had to make it again in two days, it is really that delicious!

我妈早前看见我做的冰糖红枣白果燕窝燕窝鸡丝粥 ,就说她有个朋友喜欢用雪梨炖燕窝,味道很好也非常滋润。我听了觉得这个做法真的很不错,某天下午就做了这个冰糖雪梨炖燕窝,我能说这是我吃过最棒的燕窝糖水吗?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Aam Papad/Mango Fruit Roll-Ups 【日晒芒果卷】

The weather forecast is showing a 3 day continuation of hot sunny days, I make sure to take advantage of the power of nature and sun-dried a couple of snacks for us. 

The Ataulfo mangoes I bought this time were not very sweet, maybe it is still early in the season, together with the Sun-dried Sweet Potatoes I posted earlier, I also made this Mango roll ups.

It turned out so tasty the whole family likes it!



Friday, June 16, 2017

Sun-dried Sweet Potatoes【日晒红薯干】

The summer came rather late this year, not until last week that we started experiencing the temperature above 90s F. Since the weather forecast is showing a 3 days continuation of hot sunny days, I make sure to take advantage of the power of nature and sun-dried a couple of snacks for us.

The first one I made was this Sun-dried Sweet potatoes that is a very famous healthy snack in Fujian Province, where my ancestors are from. It took me 2 and 1/2 days and it turned out so sweet and yummy! Just like the ones that I had in Fujian years back.



Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jia Xing Meat Dumplings 【嘉兴鲜肉粽】

"Jiaxing zongzi" (嘉兴粽子): It is one famous kind of zongzi in mainland China named after the city Jiaxing. The filling is typically pork but also can be mung beans, red beans or salted duck eggs.

I made a small batch of this Jia Xing dumplings specifically for a friend from Nanjing, this is the kind of dumplings she grew up eating, I am glad that I did as it turned out so good and I am very glad to learn again one more dumplings recipe.




Monday, June 12, 2017

Bird Nest on Chicken Congee 【燕窝鸡丝粥】

I made Bird Nest with Red Dates and Gingko earlier as dessert earlier and have a few more pieces of bird nests left. I wanted to make a savory version of bird nest soup and the thought of Chicken Congee came to my mind.

Since I have some organic chicken at home, I made this congee for lunch and shared with my friend, she too agrees that it is yummy.

前几天泡的燕窝一半做了冰糖红枣白果燕窝 ,剩下的我想做成咸口味的燕窝粥。家里有刚买的有机鸡肉,于是我做了这个燕窝鸡丝粥约了朋友一起吃,味道很是不错哦!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cantonese Style Dumplings 【广式咸肉粽】

It was Dumpling/Dragon Festival last week, it is a tradition at home to make some dumplings (glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves) during the season.

This year I started the festival with this Cantonese Style of Dumplings which have moong beans in it and tasted though different than the type of Bak Zhang that  I am used to and loved, it is still one  of my favourites.



Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bird Nest with Red Dates and Gingko 【冰糖红枣白果炖燕窝】

Around 10 years ago, my dad built a high rise building with a few little holes and no windows in one of our farms, he called it "Swiftlet house", with that he started his side business farming Swiftlet for its nest. 

The term “Swiftlet farming” may spike confusion that it is a business of farming or domesticating swiftlet to be reared in a confined space like chickens in a chicken coop. This is far from the truth as Swiftlets cannot be domesticated. 

The idea of swiftlet farming is not to actually raise these birds for sale, but for their nests, which is highly sought after especially by the Chinese. 

The swiftlet nest, or commonly called bird’s nest, is a Chinese delicacy since the Tang Dynasty of China (618 – 907 A.D.). The nests are simmered with broth into bird’s nest soup. 

Though we have many "farmed" bird nests ready back at home, it is unfortunate that Bird nest is in the list of US customs food restriction list. Since I can't bring our very own bird nests here, I went searching online and bought two boxes of bird nests and made it the way my mom would.

It feels much better having this sweet soup though I am far away from home.