Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bird Nest with Red Dates and Gingko 【冰糖红枣白果炖燕窝】

Around 10 years ago, my dad built a high rise building with a few little holes and no windows in one of our farms, he called it "Swiftlet house", with that he started his side business farming Swiftlet for its nest. 

The term “Swiftlet farming” may spike confusion that it is a business of farming or domesticating swiftlet to be reared in a confined space like chickens in a chicken coop. This is far from the truth as Swiftlets cannot be domesticated. 

The idea of swiftlet farming is not to actually raise these birds for sale, but for their nests, which is highly sought after especially by the Chinese. 

The swiftlet nest, or commonly called bird’s nest, is a Chinese delicacy since the Tang Dynasty of China (618 – 907 A.D.). The nests are simmered with broth into bird’s nest soup. 

Though we have many "farmed" bird nests ready back at home, it is unfortunate that Bird nest is in the list of US customs food restriction list. Since I can't bring our very own bird nests here, I went searching online and bought two boxes of bird nests and made it the way my mom would.

It feels much better having this sweet soup though I am far away from home.





Here are some pictures of harvested bird nests and cleaned bird nest. Pictures were taken during my visit back home in February this year.


I bought my bird nest from and is pleasantly surprised with the cleanliness and its quality.

前阵子看见“祝福是真诚的”mm写了一篇【燕窝的新吃法】- 。

1/2 Box/2 pieces of Dried Bird Nests  
30-35 g of rock sugar  (Or to taste) 
4-5 Dried red dates (Cleaned)
10-12 Gingko (Remove the bitter stems)
4-5 Slices of American Ginseng  Optional

1/2 盒/两片的 白燕盏/金燕盏 
30-35 克 的冰糖 
4-5 只 红枣 (洗净)
10-12 只白果 (去苦心)
4-5 片 泡参    可无

1. The Bird nests I bought here in USA is very clean, I can use it straight from the box by soaking it for 2-3 hours. Drained and keep aside.

2. Place red dates, gingko and American Ginseng in a Stew mug with lid and steam for 45 minutes.

3. Add Bird nests and rock sugar, continue steaming for 45-60 minutes. Serve warm or cold.

1. 美国这里卖的燕窝收拾得很干净,可以直接凉水泡发(大约2-3个小时)沥干备用。

2. 把红枣、白果和泡参放到炖盅里,加凉水两杯放到锅里炖45分钟。

3. 打开加入燕窝和冰糖,继续炖45分钟-1个小时即可。

I showed the picture of my bird nest sweet dish to my dad and he was pleased.


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