Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bird Nest with Snow Pear 【冰糖雪梨炖燕窝】

My mom saw my Bird Nest with Red Dates and Gingko and Bird Nest on Chicken Congee earlier and told me her friend likes to make bird nest with Snow Pear. It sounded like a really good recipe and I made it few days ago and had to make it again in two days, it is really that delicious!

我妈早前看见我做的冰糖红枣白果燕窝燕窝鸡丝粥 ,就说她有个朋友喜欢用雪梨炖燕窝,味道很好也非常滋润。我听了觉得这个做法真的很不错,某天下午就做了这个冰糖雪梨炖燕窝,我能说这是我吃过最棒的燕窝糖水吗?

1 Chinese Snow Pear
1 piece of Bird Nest  (Soaked, Cleaned)
8-10 g of Rock sugar (you can increase or reduce quantity to your taste)
5-6 Dried Goji Berries

1 只 雪梨
1 片 燕窝 (泡发,清理干净)
8-10 克 冰糖 (或适量)
5-6 颗 枸杞  可无

1. Peel and Cut the top of the pear (keep these as lid) and scoop out the core to make a bowl, place the pear in a bowl/ramekin.

2. Place soaked bird nest with little filtered water/drinking water into the snow pear, add rock sugar and cover with the top of pear.

3. Place the pear in a steamer and steam for 50-60 minutes. Add the goji berries before serving.

1. 把雪梨削皮后清洗干净,从蒂部往下1/4处切开成一个盖子。用小勺子把雪梨中间挖空。把挖空的雪梨摆到一个碗里。

2. 把泡好处理干净的燕窝摆到做好的雪梨盅里,加上冰糖和一些纯净水/饮用水,盖上雪梨盖子。

3. 把雪梨盅和碗放到蒸锅里,中小火炖50-60分钟。吃之前撒上洗干净的枸杞。


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