Saturday, July 8, 2017

Chinese Toon Sauce 【香椿酱】

I send my son to a friend's house for a playdate sometimes in the beginning of May and she asked if I want some Chinese Toon (香椿) -- a species of Toona 
where its young leaves are extensively used as a vegetable in China. The young leaves have a floral, yet onion-like flavor. It is widely used as flavoring agent in vegetarian/vegan dishes in China.

I immediately seize the opportunity and harvest a bunch of Chinese Toon from her backyard. I came home and made this Sauce which can then make into many delicious dishes later.



1 bunch of Chinese Toon young leaves (around 200 g)
1/3 cup of olive oil
1 tsp of salt

1 把/大约200克 香椿嫩叶
1/3 杯 橄榄油
1 小勺 食盐

1. Remove hard stems of the young Chinese toon leaves, washed and drained completely.

2. Bring half a pot of water to boil, blanch the leaves for 45 seconds or until wilted. Drained and place the leaves in a mixer/food processor.

3. Add salt and olive oil, blend until smooth. Store in airtight container and keep it in refrigerator. Use within a month.

1. 把香椿叶的硬梗摘除,只去嫩叶和嫩枝,洗净沥干水。

2. 把小半锅水煮滚,把香椿叶入锅烫45秒左右。沥干水后放到搅拌机里加入食盐和橄榄油搅拌成糊状即可,不必搅拌得太顺滑。

3. 装瓶密封冷藏,尽量在一个月里吃完。


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