Friday, September 30, 2011

Dry Palak Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese In Spinach Gravy) 菠菜奶豆腐

Paneer is a type of fresh cheese common in South Asia, it is an acid-set farmer cheese made by curdling milk with lemon juice or any type of food acid.

A very good source of protein and calcium for vegetarian, could be made into many delicious dishes. Palak Paneer is one of them. I personally like my spinach in this dish in chunk, many recipe asked to puree it, won't change much of the taste, only visual and a little different in texture, perhaps.



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Long Bean Fried Egg

This dish just brought me  all the way back to life in KL...

I used to packed my lunch box (Fan Hup) from the hawker stall that sell mixed rice (Zap Fan), meaning mix dishes with rice, the hawker will hand you half a box of white rice and you could choose any type of dishes normally consist of all sort of home cook-liked dishes.

Its economical, and very comforting food.... indeed.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lightly Pickled Cucumber (Aa-Jaat) 泰式凉拌黄瓜

I have planted a cucumber plant this summer with this crunchy yummy pickle in mind. I had been eating my harvest as salad or juicing them so far!

Here it comes the end of planting season and I find myself with the very last 3 cucumbers I picked from my garden. 

I will have to wait for one year if I don't make this pickle now!



Monday, September 26, 2011

Chinese Style Almond Tea 杏仁茶

Legend has it that this almond milk was the beauty secret used by all concubines at the Imperial palace in ancient China.

It is also recorded in Chinese Medicine book that almond could help in skincare, lung care (to prevent cough and  asthma) and its rich fiber could also help prevent constipation and will help reducing cholesterol!

Note: The almonds used here is different than the almond we snack on, the two type of almonds I used for this milk could be found in Chinese/Asian supermarket or Chinese medicine shop, it is mostly used in medicine/soup in Chinese culinary.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

【马来红烧鱼】Ikan Masak Kicap (Fried Pomfret in Soy Sauce)


This is a very typical Malay dish, savory, rich in flavor and goes well with steam rice.

It is better to make with sea fish, Mackerel was the first choice for many Malaysian, and pomfret works well too!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

【奶豆腐馅饼 】Paneer Paratha (Stuffed Cottage Cheese Flat bread)


Paneer is a type of Indian Cottage cheese. It is a very good source of protein, a very well loved food by Indian.

Paneer paratha is a type of bread stuffed with spiced Paneer, it is a well blend of protein and carbohydrate, a very good breakfast choice!

Aloo Poha (Flattened Rice with Potato)

Aloo Poha is a well loved breakfast in India, Pakistan and Nepal.

Poha is a type of flattened rice, it is very easy to prepare this type of rice, all you need to do is to wash and briefly soak it with water, it will then swollen up, and could be cooked in a very short time. A very good choice for busy morning indeed!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Avocado Milkshake

Avocado is truly a nutrition powerhouse, it is especially rich in Vitamin E, which is great to help in delay aging, also make your skin, hair and nail glow!

It's rich monounsaturated fat could also help to keep cholesterol level in check, which help to prevent all sort of cardiovascular diseases.

Since the weather is getting colder and dryer by the day, a glass of silky avocado milkshake not only is a good breakfast choice, it also help to keep your skin moist and body healthy!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Simple Baked Curry Puff

Curry puff is a very hearty snacks for me, I am still living in the world of 3 curry puffs for a Ringgit (Malaysian Currency). I was surprised to see the price AND reduced size curry puff at the road side stall last time when I visited Malaysia. It was just costing a lot more, at much smaller portion! Talking about inflation huh!

It make sense to make it at home... I guess. As I do not fry much, I decided to come up with a baked version of Curry Puff, the shell is somewhat different in texture, still tasty nonetheless.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thai Steamed Fish with Calamansi and Garlic 泰式蒜蓉蒸鱼

This simple recipe is so simple that I couldn't believe it delivers such a brilliant taste!

The best part about it? It doesn't stink the kitchen like any other fish recipe! 

Perfect for winter cooking, it's warm, it's spicy, it's delicious...... Couldn't ask for more!




Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lemongrass ginger tea 香茅姜茶

Changes from seasons means one could easily catch cold. A cup of lemongrass ginger tea could help to prevent sickness, in case of sickness, to ease symptoms!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yong Tau Foo (Stuffed Vegetables and Tofu)客家酿豆腐

These stuffed Vegetable/Tofu has a very interesting name. Whatever you choose to make this dish with, it is called "Yong Tau Foo" (Literally means Stuffed Tofu) in Malaysia ! 

And you could stuff basically any vegetables or bean curd products that you could think of.


去年种了一棵Hot Banana高产得吓人,就做了好几次的酿辣椒,俊爹很爱吃,一直念念不忘,今年问了好几遍。


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Keema Curry / Minced Meat Curry 【肉末咖喱】

This Keema Curry is a Pakistani dish that I learnt from a friend, it is less spicy compared to most of the other type of curries, suitable for those who likes curries and can't take too much spiciness.

It is normally made with minced beef or mutton, I used minced turkey in my recipe and it still taste stunning! You just gotta try it!



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seremban Baked Pau

Seremban is the capital of state of Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia, this Baked Pau was initially made famous in a area name Rahang in Seremban, and eventually became the favourite pastry/snacks  for all Malaysian.

I used to buy a box of this famous pastry whenever I have to travel long distant, its a very convenient snack and does not require heating. I have been wanting to make this once at home since I can't get this anywhere in the States... So I did!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Calamansi Juice/ Air Limau

Calamansi/Limau Kasturi Juice was a very refreshing beverage found only in the south east asia.

This particular citrus fruit is a very useful ingredient in the house. It could be use in cooking, season for soup, make into dipping sauce, salad dressing, beverage,cocktail,it is also a natural cleanser/deodorizer, we use this to clean our hand after cutting/cleaning fish!

Beside all that, I simply just love the smell and taste of it!I found not just Pandan leaves in Arizona this time, I also found this fresh Calamansi that I missed so much...

Since it's Mooncake festival today, and I had way too many Mooncake... its time to have this refreshing drink to help digest!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Gobi Manchurian (Sweet and Sour Cauliflower)

During my years in India, I often encountered a question that I could not answer until much later. The question goes : "Can you teach me how to make Gobi Manchurian, the CHINESE FOOD ?"


Oh yes, you heard it right, a Chinese dish that no Chinese ever heard forget eating back home in China. It is a dish that surely show up on the menu of any Chinese restaurant in India. A dish took me a long time to figure out what it is. Longer time to explain to my Indian friends that Gobi Manchurian is NOT a Chinese dish, and Manchu is NOT a state in China, it refers to the tri-states area up north in China in ancient time, the term Manchu is no longer in use geographically nowadays, Manchurian now refers to one ethnic group in China, and we find no trace of this dish in the Manchu's recipes...."

I could only imagine now that this delicious Indian-Chinese dish was created long back by some well-wished Chinese chef try to make a dish that suits the local taste buds with some local ingredients. It probably is a derivation from the the famous sweet and sour pork dish name guobaorou "锅包肉” from the northern part of China, Just a vegetarian version, with quite a number of modifications!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pandan Barley Water 香兰薏米水

Barley water is well known for its cooling property, it is used especially in the Southeast Asia, where the tropical climate brings with it the heat and humidity, this particular beverage could help to prevent dehydration and cool down the body.

It is normally made with screw pine leaves/Pandan leaves to give a sweet distinctive smell to the already very nice and creamy flavor  of barley.

It is very hard to find fresh screw pine leaves here in the States. Last week when I was traveling for work in Arizona, I paid a visit to a close friend, she show me around and I saw fresh Pandan leaves sold in the Asian supermarket. I was elated and waste no time to bring one packet home!

The Chinese traditional herb and medicine also believed that barley could help to reduce weight, cure water retention, is a good source of fibre, and could help to whiten skin tone. If used for long term, could also help to prevent freckles and wrinkles! Talking about home-made skincare huh!





Beijing Traditional Pastry -- Sugar Puff (糖酥饼)

A friend of mine posted his grand mother's recipe of this traditional Beijing pastry in a forum that I often. Though I never have this pastry before and have absolutely no idea how it (should) taste. I decided to give it a try.

For I have this heartfelt feeling for anything traditional, especially those inherited from our fore-parents, those passes on to generations only by word of mouth...

The original recipe posted by my friend was without precise measurement, like his grandmother, he too goes by gut feeling. So I decided to come up with my version of measurement for record sake.

I did sent a few of this pastry to two of my Beijing friends to try, their comments? Superb! Just like how it should taste like back home... So I guess this is a safe recipe ehh...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pressed Tofu Knot and Pork Belly Stew

My favourite author Yi Su wrote about this dish several times in her book and I often wondered how it taste. Not until much later that I finally have a chance to try this typical Shanghainese dish in my Shanghai friend's house.

The Asian supermarket here sell this pressed tofu knot (百叶结) fresh,  it is so much easier to make this dish here than in Shanghai I guess.

The Shanghainese used to cut the pressed tofu and tie it into knots just to make this dish!