Friday, September 30, 2011

Dry Palak Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese In Spinach Gravy) 菠菜奶豆腐

Paneer is a type of fresh cheese common in South Asia, it is an acid-set farmer cheese made by curdling milk with lemon juice or any type of food acid.

A very good source of protein and calcium for vegetarian, could be made into many delicious dishes. Palak Paneer is one of them. I personally like my spinach in this dish in chunk, many recipe asked to puree it, won't change much of the taste, only visual and a little different in texture, perhaps.



400 g/1 bunch of Spinach (Chopped)
200 gm of Paneer/Indian Cottage Cheese (Cubed)
1/2 Medium Size Bombay Onion (chopped)
1-2 green chilli (Minced)
2-3 cloves of garlic (Minced)
1 tsp Ginger garlic paste
1 tsp of Mustard seeds
1 tsp Fenugreek Leaves/Kasuri Methi  Optional
1 tbsp Butter
1 tbsp of Cooking oil

1 tsp Coriander Powder
1/2 tsp Chili Powder
1/2 tsp Garam Masala
1 tsp Salt or to taste

1把/400克 菠菜 (切碎)
200克 奶豆腐 (切块)
1/2只 中型洋葱 (切碎)
1-2只 青椒 (切碎)
2-3 瓣 蒜瓣 (切碎)
1 大勺 姜蒜蓉 (ginger garlic paste)
1 小勺 干苦豆叶/葫芦巴叶 (Fenugreek Leaves/Kasuri Methi) 可无
1 大勺 Butter/黄油
1 大勺 食油 

1 小勺 芫荽粉 (Coriander Powder)
1/2 小勺 辣椒粉 (Chilli Powder)
1/2 小勺 Garam Masala (印度五香粉)
1 小勺 盐 (或适量)

1. Cut/chopped spinach into small pieces. 

2. Cubed the paneer and sear the cubed paneer with some clarified butter/ghee until some sides of the paneer turn golden in color.

3. In a deep cooking pan, add 1 tbsp of oil and 1 tbsp of butter. Add mustard seeds, ginger garlic paste, minced garlic, chopped green chili and onion and saute until fragrant. Now add all ingredients listed under seasoning and stir well.

4. Add chopped spinach and cook for 2-3 minutes, add paneer pieces and continue cooking for another 10-15 minutes at medium heat or until all the water evaporated.

1. 把菠菜洗净,切碎。把奶豆腐切成一寸左右的块状,锅里下少许的黄油,两面煎成金黄色。

2. 锅里下1 大匙的油和 1大勺的黄油/butter,加入芥菜籽、姜蒜蓉、蒜蓉、切碎的洋葱,辣椒和干的葫芦巴叶煸香.

3. 加入所有调味料和盐,翻炒出香味后加入菠菜翻炒2-3分钟,加入奶豆腐块后继续煮 10-15分钟,或至汤汁收干。

Serve warm with rice or Indian flat bread.



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