Monday, March 28, 2011

Sweet Osmanthus Steamed Rice Cake (Pak Thong Gou)

Ever since I unlock the secret of this ever so challenging Pak Thong Gou (Well... I am not really exaggerating here, many of my net friends attempt to make this monster and failed miserably, some already declared Pak Thong Gou as their biggest shame on culinary journey!)

I can't help thinking of creating a brown rice version of this cake, not just to make it a little healthier, also to find a way to use my ever so lasting organic Basmati brown rice... Don't get me wrong! I do love the feel and smell of soaked brown rice.. its earthy and so authentic!

Low fat Pumpkin Pancake

I love pumpkin and anything made with pumpkin, so it is not unlike me to create a pumpkin version of pancake! Another weakness of mine!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to Grow Bean Sprout in a old kettle

I use a lot of bean sprout in cooking, mainly because I do a lot of stir frying... and bean sprout is such versatile and nutritious vegetable I could use it in almost everything from fried noodle to Salad!

The shop bought bean sprout can hardly last more than 2 days, often turned bad before I could use it....and most of the time, half of them goes to my little wormfarm...

I can well imagine those little earthworms discussing among themselves how tiring they are chewing on rotten bean sprout all the time.... LOL!

Monday, March 21, 2011

【马来炒饭】Nasi Goreng (Malaysian Style fried Rice)

Nasi Goreng在印尼和马来西亚大概是最普遍的食物了,就连美国的亚洲超市都卖Nasi Goreng的酱料呢!


Nasi Goreng is very common back home in Malaysia and neighboring country Indonesia, you can now find Nasi Goreng paste here even in the supermarket! A sign of how famous this fried rice is internationally!

I love having it with a fried egg, egg yolk half cooked (A.k.a Runny egg), its the best combination!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Oven Baked Curry Puff (Puff Pastry Version)

As I have a whole bottle of Home-made curry powder,I just can't help thinking of a way to use it! Was thinking about making Curry Chicken, and decided to keep that for guest this Sunday instead!

So I ended up making this curry puff for tea this afternoon.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home-made Malaysian Curry Powder

Many families in Malaysia, especially the Baba Nyonya, have their own secret recipes for Curry Powder,  taught only to the daughters in family and pass on for generations.

These family secret makes the curry made in every home taste a little differently, and made the family proud !

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mee Mamak (Malaysia Street Food-- Fried Noodle) 【嘛嘛档炒面】

Mee Mamak was my favorite supper back home. As a college student, I used to spend hours at Mamak stall with friends, we talked, we laughed and we shared so much about dreams.

Those were the days, we were young and innocent, and now we are all scattered at different places, walking different walk of lives... ...

Whenever I miss my friends and my dear homeland. I stir up this tasty noodle, and re-live those memories again.

在马来西亚有着一群很特殊的民族叫嘛嘛族,是印度籍回教徒。他们有着共同的职业 -- 开小食摊,卖的都是清真食品。

这些小摊清一色卖的都是类似的食品 -- 嘛嘛档炒面,嘛嘛档抛饼(Roti Canai),嘛嘛档罗惹面。大多数的嘛嘛档都是24小时营业的,是年轻人宵夜的好去处。




Sunday, March 13, 2011

【米饭布丁】Kheer/Payasam/Rice Pudding



Kheer/Payasam is probably the most loved dessert/sweet dish in India, and there are hundreds of different ways to prepare it. I dislike using condensed milk or any pre-made ingredients in my recipe, thus here I present you, a simple and authentic way to prepare this delicious sweet dish......

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gai Zai Beng 【鸡仔饼】

This Biscuit is a very famous snack from Kampar, state of Perak, Malaysia. One who visited the northern part of Malaysia always bring this as a gift for friends and relatives.

The original recipe call for lard, which is not much eaten nowadays for health reason. So this recipe use vegetable oil instead!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sambal Tumis 【多用途马来叁巴酱】(Sambal Tumis)

Sambal Tumis is a highly versatile sauce, back home in Malaysia, we literally use Sambal Paste in everything we could think of. If not in cooking, we use it as condiment to go with food!

I normally keep a box of home made chili paste in the fridge all the time, so that whenever I crave for Malaysian food, I could have it just almost right away!

马来叁巴酱(Sambal Tumis)是个特别有用的酱料,可以用来做很多不同的菜肴,可以用来炒饭,炒面,还可以当佐料。用处几乎可以说是说不完。


【九层塔炒茄子 】Brinjal With Thai Basil (Eggplant)


I love brinjal and could eat it in any cooking form, this recipe was made last summer when my thai basil was growing like there were no tomorrow... its tasty and goes very well with steamed rice! Good Vegetarian recipe too!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

【酥炸芋艿】Arbi(Arvi)/Colocasia Wedges


We like Colocasia/ Arbi a lot, I often prepared it in the form of Masala Arbi

Today I kind of looking for something crunchy and savory, so I made this super yummy Colocasia Wedges, all of us in the house loves it!