Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sambal Tumis 【多用途马来叁巴酱】(Sambal Tumis)

Sambal Tumis is a highly versatile sauce, back home in Malaysia, we literally use Sambal Paste in everything we could think of. If not in cooking, we use it as condiment to go with food!

I normally keep a box of home made chili paste in the fridge all the time, so that whenever I crave for Malaysian food, I could have it just almost right away!

马来叁巴酱(Sambal Tumis)是个特别有用的酱料,可以用来做很多不同的菜肴,可以用来炒饭,炒面,还可以当佐料。用处几乎可以说是说不完。


10 Shallot
6 Cloves of garlic
6 Fresh red chilli (I used 3 super large bullhorn chilli)
15 Dried Chilli (or 3-4 tbsp of Chilli powder)
1 tbsp of Belacan (or use 2 tbsp of dried shrimp)
1 1/2 inche of galangal(or 1 stalk of Lemongrass)
3 tbsp of oil (for grinding)
1/3 cup of oil(For cooking)

1 tbsp Tamarind  or 2 tbsp of lemon/lime juice
3 tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Salt

10 只 小红葱(Shallot)
6 瓣 大蒜
6 只 生红椒(我用了3只超大的牛角椒)
15 只 辣椒干 (或 3-4tbsp辣椒粉)
1 大勺 虾酱(Belacan)
1寸半 左右的兰姜(没有的话,一根香茅代替也可以)
3大勺 油 (搅拌用)
1/3 杯 油(熬煮用)

1 大勺  罗望子汁(Tamarind)或者 2 大勺 柠檬/青柠汁
3 大勺 糖
1 小勺 盐

1. Ground together all the ingredients (without seasoning) with 1/4 cup of water and 3 tbsp of oil.

2. In a cooking pan, pour in the grounded paste, cook until the water reduce, add 1/3 cups of oil, stir well, and cook at low heat, till the oil separated at the edge.

3. Add Tamarind juice/lime juice and salt, stir well, add sugar, and stir again, the color should now turn into darker in red.

Let it cold down completely before jarred and store.

Note: This paste could be stored in the fridge for a month.

1. 把所有材料(除了调味料)和3tbsp的油加1/4杯水搅拌成糊状。然后把辣椒糊倒入一口锅,中小火煮干,然后再加入1/3杯油,拌匀,小火熬至辣椒糊边开始泛油为止。

2. 加入罗望子汁/柠檬汁和盐,拌匀,加入糖,翻炒至出糖色(油亮的褐红色)。熄火冷却装罐。


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