Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Claypot Salmon Belly 【三文鱼腩煲】

When we first came to the States, we were amazed with the price of foods here, coming from European country makes everything in the USA look so economical. We will go to Costco and bought tonnes of fruits and vegetables and meats, I will then literally cooking up a spree!

Salmon was one of our favourite purchase, I was initially very happy with the cut, it is boneless and is very easy to clean and prepare. We stopped buying from Costco shortly after, the reason is not hard to figure. The size of everything from Costco are humongous for a family of two, it started feeling more like a burden and I hate having to throw away many unused rotten vegetables.

Coming back to the salmon, I got tired of the meaty tasteless fillet, I grew up eating whole fish and enjoyed sucking on fish bones and head, we stopped buying salmon for a long time, until one day I discovered fish belly and fish bones in Hmart. I brought a packet home and managed to turn a 7 dollar box into three different dishes! How economical is that. Not to mention I thoroughly enjoyed the bones and succulent belly!




Sunday, March 27, 2016

Vietnamese Spicy Lemongrass Chicken/越式香茅鸡

This Vietnamese Lemongrass is a mandatory order whenever we visit our favorite Vietnamese Restaurant here in NJ. We loved it so much that I decided to recreate the sauce at home. It turned out so good and it was a instant hit at home !

Note: The original recipe was created on 2/15/2011 and was liked and followed by many bloggers.



注:原食谱创作于 2011年2月15日,受到许多网友的喜爱,非常谢谢大家的支持哦!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

KL Hokkien Mee/Stir Fried Thick Noodle/吉隆坡大碌面

This thick noodle is particularly famous in Kuala Lumpur, known to be cooked in super high heat charcoal, used to be my favorite choice for Dai Chao (Hawker stir-fried food).

I have been craving for this noodle for sometimes, so much so that I actually went to buy pork belly to make the crispy pork lard that, in my opinion, is essential for this noodle dish.

It is not easy when you can't just pick up the car key and head out for something you like on the street!

Note: The original recipe was posted on 10/9/2012, I even took the trouble to make the lard and crispy pork lard. The taste of that attempt was good but still lack the umami that this noodle is supposed to have, it also has a hint of sourish, which is not supposed to be there in the dish. 

I tried a few more rounds and figured that the issues was with the Udon noodles and the shop bought chicken stock that I used. Udon noodle is too chewy for this dish and gave a funny, tart taste to the dish and the shop bought chicken stock is not helpful either, there is something in the chicken stock that does not belong to Asian dishes.  

I remembered seeing a bottle of plaice powder at a hawker stall that serves KL Hokkien Mee back in Malaysia, since I have homemade plaice powder , I used it to season the sauce and used fresh thick shanghainese noodle to make this dish, and guess what? 

BINGO! It tasted exactly the way it should be! Full of layers of flavours and fragrance!





后来我把面条换成上海粗面条,又把高汤换成清水加一小勺自制的大地鱼粉,制作的时候厨房里就有了大排档特有的香气,我马上就知道,我这次猜对了哦!做好一入口,我好想大喊一声, 告诉大家:“就是这个味道啦!”

Friday, March 25, 2016

Braised Pork Intestine (卤肥肠)

Using my homemade master stock, which is already more than 7 years old. I made this braised Pork Intestine, I loved pork intestines a lot, but is absolutely worry about cleaning it, it could be quite gross.

I found very clean pork intestine in asian supermarket not long ago, all I need to do before cooking a little more cleaning and it is good to go!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Loh Mai Gai 糯米鸡

This steamed sticky rice is my absolute favourite in Dim Sum place back in Malaysia. It is also a family favorite with mom making it very often at home. 

Since I can't be possibly finding the same dish at the Dim Sum place in the USA, I have to get the recipe from mom and make it at home!



Gluten Free Cream of Cauliflower Soup

My husband N has not been well in the past two weeks, I made this gluten free soup for him yesterday with the hope that he will gain some strength. My son A had it for dinner and he liked it too!


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Taiwanese Spring Onion Pancake/Scallion Pancake (葱油饼)

This Spring onion pancake was my sister in law Wen Wen's favourite when she used to live in Taiwan.

She asked for a good recipe from me, with those spring onions growing like crazy in my garden, I immediately took the task at hand!

Note: This is a revisit and fine tuned version of the original recipe posted on 5/11/2011.



Saturday, March 12, 2016

ABC Soup / 罗宋汤

My son A's eating patterns changes time after time, I normally go with the flow and focusing more on creating a positive dining experience than counting what really goes into his little mouth. Over time he has developed interests with different type of foods and is more willing to try new stuff.

Since he is now handling spoon and fork well, I have started introducing more of clear soup into his diet. This ABC soup is one of the soup that he really enjoys, he likes it with some rice in it or just as it is. This soup allows me to sneak in more veggies and liquid into his meal, not to mention that I enjoy the soup as much !



至于它的来源,我个人感觉它可能原来是山寨西餐里的罗宋汤的,后来根据当地人的口味慢慢地就变成这样的做法了。至于为什么也叫做ABC汤呢?那是因为马来西亚有一个小吃刨冰叫做ABC(Air Batu Campur), 色彩缤纷,冰凉甜腻可口。据网友说,那是因为这款汤品富含维他命A,B,C所以才叫做ABC汤的。

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Nasi Goreng Kampung (Malaysian Village Style Fried Rice)

Sometime the best food that brings us right back to our memories are the simplest of all. Just like this fried rice,it is easy to prepare, and tasty to eat. The only trick is to have the right ingredients.

Malaysian out there... do you all miss this simple Nasi Goreng Kampung?



Monday, March 7, 2016

素食餐包 Eggless Ladi Pav Buns/Dinner Rolls

Many of our friends are strict vegetarians and Mumbai Pav Bhaji is one of our favourite snacks during gets together. I used to prepare this snack using the shop bought Pav/dinner rolls, until one time a bag of those Pav were left in the refrigerator and forgotten for close to a month! Long after its supposed best consumption date. 

What shocked me the most was that the Pav were still as soft and fresh as it was first brought home, as an amateur baker, I know immediately that without additives and chemical ingredients, it is almost impossible to achieve such consistency! That was the last time I brought those Pavs home.  

We hosted a farewell party for a family yesterday and I wanted to make Pav Bhaji with home made Pav/dinner rolls. Since my friends are strict vegetarian, thus the Pav has to be eggless. I started scrolling the internet 3 days before the party in search for a good vegetarian Pav recipe, to my surprise, not only there are less than handful of recipes available, the few that made its way to fame are mediocre to say the least. 

I then decided to take things in my own hands. With a lot of calculation, a long thought process and 5 hands on attempts, I created a version of Pav that not only matches my taste, it has also passed the color, texture and softness tests!

A keeper for me and you should try it too!

我们有很多茹素的朋友,平时聚餐的时候经常会做一款孟买小吃Pav Bhaji 


Saturday, March 5, 2016

孟买小吃 Pav Bhaji (Mumbai Pav Bhaji)

Pav Bhaji就字面上来翻译直接就是蔬菜和包子一起吃的意思,是印度中部孟买一带的小食。刚到印度的时候我一直以为pav (念pao)是中国包子翻译过去的,一直很好奇到底一个中国包子的名字是怎么传到印度去的呢?

后来一位孟买的朋友解释说Pav在Marathi(印度中部语文)的意思是四分之一的意思,以前在印度面包店做的小餐包一般都是四个成一块的。因为Pav Bhaji不是正餐,是小点,所以一般卖的时候就是一个小餐包,一点蔬菜沾着吃,所以就有了四分之一餐包和蔬菜(Pav Bhaji)的叫法了。

Pav Bhaji literally means sweet bread and vegetable curry, it is a fast food dish native to Maharashtrians, it is also very famous in most of the cities in india.

A very good snack over hot tea in the afternoon!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cantonese Roast Pork(Siu Yuk)



按Kit的说法,是 -- “好食到冇朋友!”

My good friend Kit came and visit us from Hong Kong last week, we spent the first few days catching up and chitchatting. It was funny that we came to realized that the last few times we met, were all in different countries -- Malaysia, Hong Kong, India and now USA. The only thing unchanged is the friendship and the way we feel for each other.

As we talked about my past visit to Hongkong, I started craving for some good roast pork, one of the day when we went for grocery shopping, we bought some pork belly and decided to make this roast pork at home!

It turned out so yummy that Kit said in Cantonese that it is "hou sek dou mou pang yao!" Taste too good to have any friends! LOL

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Green Tea Kaya Swiss Roll

上个周末本来约了朋友们在纽约聚餐庆祝春节,我就做了几罐的焦糖咖椰 打算带给朋友们. 怎知聚餐前一晚俊爹突然头疼得厉害,第二天一早去了急诊室,所以聚餐就没去成。冰箱里倒是因此多了好几罐的咖椰,家里还有一盒俊爹给我买的有机绿茶粉,因为带糖,我喝了一次就搁在那里了。一直想着什么时候拿来做个绿茶口味的甜点。


I made a big pot of Caramel Kaya last weekend to bring to our Chinese new year gathering in New York. My husband N started having severe headache few hours before we head out, we had to cancelled the plan and rush to the doctor, we later learnt that he was hit by sever sinus and had to take a course of antibiotic.

So that is the prelude to the many bottles of Kaya sitting in my fridge, I did though send out a few to some friends who live nearby. 

Since I also have a box of sweetened (Yucky!) organic green tea powder sitting in my pantry for a long time, I decided to make this Greentea Kaya Swiss Roll, it turned out really nice and my son A loves it!

Banana Alphabets/香蕉字母松饼



One of the "advantages" of sending daddy and son for grocery shopping is that you ended up with too many of something and too little of others. It is quite clear that both father and son have the wrong notion of the amount of bananas we can eat in a week, they brought two bunches of bananas back and without fail are all ripen in less than a week, leaving me with tens of overripe bananas to work on!

My son A has been tirelessly playing with alphabets lately, he spent most of his time spelling and learning spelling of words. So I made this alphabets banana pancakes over the weekend to encourage A to eat more and to upkeep his learning spirit. He was thrilled and was eagerly waiting for the next alphabet even before it is done cooking!
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