Monday, January 30, 2023

【福州芋泥】FooChow Or Nee




I had this Or Nee (taro dessert)the first time at a famous FooChow restaurant in Malaysia many years ago, on my grand father's birthday party. It is sweet and very fragrant, makes it a very good dessert. 

I made a batch of this Or Nee during Chinese New Year last year, and it turned out very good. But I have never had a chance to write a recipe. 

I make the same dessert again this year and decided to write the recipe down.

Monday, January 16, 2023

【大黄米年糕】Glutinous Millet Steamed Cake




Glutinous millet, was listed as one of the five grains in ancient times. It is yellow in color, and very sticky when cooked. The content of amino acids in millet is almost twice that of rice and wheat, thus it is a very good choice of carb in a balance diet.

The Lunar New Year is only one week away. I bought a bag of glutinous millet from the Northwestern China, and made this rice cake that is normally eaten during Chinese New Year in the North China!

Monday, January 2, 2023

【妈蜜排骨】Marmite Spare Ribs



My close friend Sister Ying brought me a bottle of Marmite as a souvenir from her Europe trip. Marmite is a kind of dark brown paste, a side product from beer brewing. It is one of the favorite sauces in European countries such as the United Kingdom.

As one of the British Commonwealth nations, Malaysia also is influenced by the former ruling country in terms of eating habits, and Marmite is one of the influence brought by the British. It was later being used in some of the local dishes and this Marmite Spare Rib is one of them.