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Monday, December 4, 2017

Noodle soup with Shredded pork and pickled Mustard tuber 【榨菜肉丝面】

When winter comes,  it is all about warming, comforting foods at my home.  Did I mentioned :"Easy and quick?".

This noodle soup fits the bill, it is something you can make with literally whatever you have in your pantry.

The key ingredient in this noodle soup is the pickled mustard tuber that comes in small packet,  very handy and easy. You can find it in most Asian/Chinese supermarket.


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mint Barley Water 薄荷薏米水

Barley water is well known for its cooling property, it is used especially in the southeast Asia, where the tropical climate brings with it the heat and humidity, this particular beverage could help to prevent dehydration and cool down the body.

The Chinese traditional herb and medicine also believed that barley could help to reduce weight, reduce water retention, and is a good source of fiber.

Since we are running heater 24/7 now in winter, I am making some Barley water to go with the Mint Syrup that I have in the fridge to help quince the thirst and dryness.



我之前做过香兰薏米水, 是家乡经常饮用的一道冷饮。冰箱里还有一瓶之前做的薄荷糖浆,今天熬点薏米水,喝的时候加一小勺的薄荷糖浆,薏米和薄荷也很搭哦!
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