Saturday, January 13, 2018

Millet Steamed Cake 【小米糕】

I like making Millet porridge once in a while for breakfast, I like the unique nutty flavor that it has and its high nutrient value is definitely a plus. One good choice for healthy plant base diet.

Making it into steamed cake is another way to enjoy this delicious healthy grain.


4 (L) size Eggs  
150 g of yellow millet
2 tbsp/30 gm of sugar
2.5 tbsp/ 35 ml Cooking oil (I used Avocado oil)
1 tbsp/15ml water/milk
Some gojiberries for garnishing

4 只鸡蛋 (L)  
150 克 小米 
2 大勺/30 克 糖 
2.5 大勺/ 35 ml 食用油 (我用了牛油果油)
1大勺/15 ml 牛奶/豆浆

1. Clean and soak millet submerged in water overnight. Drain and place the millet in a blender.

2. Measure all the ingredients out accordingly, separate the egg whites and egg yolks, make sure your container for egg whites are sanitized, dry and clean.

3. Add egg yolks, 1/2 of the sugar, oil and milk into the blender with millet. blend until smooth, place the blended millet paste in a large mixing bowl.

1. 把小米淘洗干净,泡水一晚上。沥干备用。

2. 把其他材料都称量好,蛋白和蛋黄分开,记得蛋白不要沾上水,油和蛋黄。

3. 把小米,一半/1 tbsp/15克的糖,蛋黄、牛奶和油倒入破壁机/食物料理机里,搅拌成糊状,倒入一个大盆里备用。

4. Place egg whites and remaining 1/2 of the sugar in a clean mixing bowl with a pinch of tartar powder or two drops of vinegar (optional). 

5. Use a stand mixer/hand mixer to beat the egg white at low speed and whisk until some bubbles appear, turn to high speed and continue mixing until light and fluffy with soft peak showing at the tip of mixer head. 

6. Scoop out 1/2 of the mixture and adds it to the millet paste, with the help of a large spatula folds the mixture in zigzag manner to avoid losing foams.

7. Place the mixture you just mixed in the mixing bowl that has the remaining egg white, fold in the same way you just did, quickly and steadily.

8.Pour the batter gently into prepared/greased pans, lightly knock the pan over counter top a few times to shake out excessive air in the batter. Sprinkle some gojiberries to garnish.

9.Heat up a steamer and place the cake in steamer and steamed at high heat for 20 minutes,wait for 5 minutes before taking the cake out. 

4. 蛋白加入另一半/1 tbsp/15克糖,两滴醋(可无)。用搅拌机低速打至鱼眼泡出现,大约1分钟,然后转高速(十档)打2分钟,再转中高档打两分钟至中性发泡(如果喜欢比较软绵的口感,就打至湿性发泡即可)。

5. 取一半的蛋白霜加入到搅拌好的小米糊里,用类似炒菜由底部往上翻的方式拌匀。

6. 把拌匀的小米糊倒到剩下的蛋白霜盆里,用相同的方式快速拌匀,此时手要快,要轻,避免蛋白消泡。

7. 把烤盘/模喷上一点食油,把小米糊倒入至八分满,在案板上大力敲打几下,敲出大气泡。撒点枸杞装饰。

8. 蒸笼上汽后大火蒸20分钟,熄火后先别开盖,稍等5分钟再取出蒸好的米糕。


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