Thursday, January 4, 2018

Enoki Mushrooms & Sliced Beef Soup 【肥牛金针菇】

We don't normally eat beef, let alone cooking at home. I wanted to buy some sliced mutton last week for hotpot, but brought sliced beef back instead. Since I also bought a few packets of Enoki mushrooms, I made this spicy soup for lunch, a perfect dish in bitter cold weather.


刚好超市里的金针菇买一送一,我也买了好几包。那就做我很喜欢的酸汤肥牛金针菇吃吧!大冬天的吃完全身暖暖的, 很舒服。

200 g Sliced Beef
200 g Enoki Mushrooms
1 tsp of minced ginger garlic OR ginger garlic paste
1 Thai Red Chili (minced)
1-2 Green Chili (Minced)
2 cloves of garlic (Minced)
2 Sichuan Style Pickled Wild Chili
2 cups of Chicken Stock  OR 2 cups of water with a little bouillon
5-6 tbsp of cooking oil

1 tbsp of Brine from Sichuan Style Pickled Wild Chili
1 tbsp of White rice vinegar
Salt to taste

200 克 肥牛肉片
150 克 金针菇
1 小勺 姜蒜蓉/自制姜蒜蓉
1 只 泰国小红椒(切碎)
1-2 只 小青椒 (切碎)
2 只 泡野山椒
1-2 瓣 蒜瓣 (切碎)
2 杯 鸡高汤  或 两杯水加点鸡精粉
4-5 大勺 食油

1 大勺 的 泡野山椒的水
1 大勺 白醋
适量 食盐

1. Minced all the three types of chilies and ginger garlic.

2. Heat up some cooking oil and add ginger garlic paste, minced Sichuan pickled chili, half of the minced Red Thai chili, half of the Green Chili and half of the minced garlic into the cooking pan, fry until fragrant. Save the remaining half for tempering.

3. Add chicken stock and bring to boil. Cut the roots of Enoki mushroom off and cook it in the boiling stock for 30-45 seconds. Take the mushrooms out and place it at the bottom of a big bowl.

4. Cook sliced beef in the same stock for 45-60 seconds or until it changes color. Season with some white vinegar and salt. Pour the beef and soup over enoki mushrooms.

5. Place the remaining chopped chilies and garlic over the soup, heat up 2-3 tbsp of oil to the point of smoke, pour the hot oil over the soup for tempering, you should hear a loud sizzling sound, if not, the oil is not hot enough.

1. 把青红椒、蒜瓣、姜蒜剁碎。

2. 锅里热上1大勺油把姜蒜蓉、泡椒、一半的青红椒和一半的蒜蓉加入炒香。剩下的青红椒和蒜蓉留着待会儿泼油用。

3. 倒入鸡汤煮滚,加入金针菇煮30-45秒,盛出铺到碗底。

4. 锅里的汤再煮滚,加入肥牛片煮45-60秒至牛肉变色,别煮太久了,牛肉会老。加入白醋和食盐调味后把牛肉和汤汁倒到装有金针菇的碗里。

5. 把剩下的辣椒碎和蒜蓉加入,热上2-3大勺食油泼到蒜蓉和辣椒上。

Serve hot with steamed rice.


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