Monday, February 24, 2014

Baby Meal -- Wat Dan Misua (This noodle in egg gravy) 滑蛋面线

Misua is a type of very thin noodle made from wheat flour, one of the very few wheat foods in the southern part of China. It was considered to be a very precious ingredient back in the old days as wheat was very hard to come by in the south.

As recent as just tens of years back that the Hokkien does not eat anything made with wheat but misua. It is a kind of food specialized for occasions or only when someone is sick.

I remembered the time mum prepared misua soup for me on my birthday or when I wasn't well. Great memories, with lots of loves, how can I not relate misua to the feelings of love.

I made this as baby A's lunch yesterday and really liked the idea that the misua was rolled up and browned to set, it is much easier for baby's small hands to handle and the noodle does not become soggy fast.





Saturday, February 22, 2014

Chicken Seekh Kebab 【印式烤鸡肉串】

Sheekh Kebab is something that I had a lot during my days back in India especially mutton kebab. This juicy and yummy BBQ is so scrumptious that I can never stop at one.

I made created recipe for this kebab for valentine's dinner, we had it with a glass of wine to go with a movie after baby A went to bed... It was one good way to celebrate the lover's day.



Wednesday, February 19, 2014

【宝宝食谱 -- 马铃薯鸡肉焖饭】Potato & Chicken Claypot Rice




Dinner in our house is mostly revolving around Baby A's appetite nowadays. He is currently at the color and shape phase, that includes his foods. I had to make his meal more colorful so that he would eat a few more spoonful.

I made this easy Claypot rice with a little cherry tomatoes and small Pok Choy as garnishing (the green "rose" is the head part of mini pok choy, beautiful, aren't they?).

Baby A was so happy that he was singing along when I was feeding him!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mini Custard-Filled Cream Puff (Choux à la crème)


These puffs are definitely my absolute favorite dessert! I used to buy them a lot from the nearby bakery when I was in England. And was thrilled to see a big box of cream puffs sold in Costco when I first came to the States! The cream filling was good, but I still much preferred my good old custard in the puff.

I made these for the weekend Valentine's Soiree, it was a instant hit and didn't even made it to the dessert time! It were all chow down in no time!

I tweak my version a little based on this -- 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Lava Cake/Molten Chocolate Cake

      Valentine's day this year coincide with the Chinese version of lover's day -- Chap Goh Meh, which only happened once every 19 years or so.

      We just had our No. N snow storms yesterday and expecting another tomorrow, I wasn't in the mood for elaborate cooking due to the weather. Hubby and I decided to go out for lunch while baby A stays with a sitter. Later in the evening, I made this Lava cake as a surprise for hubby, it was yummy to the core and a good way to end our valentine's celebration!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Braised Pig Trotter with Sea Cucumber【海参焖猪脚】

Mom wanted to eat healthier this year and reduce some meat dishes during the Chinese new year reunion dinner. When she conveyed her plan to my dad, the only thing my dad told her was that you can take out any dish but THIS Braised Pig Trotter with Sea Cucumber! 

Despite the price of sea cucumber skyrocketing in the past years, the Hokkien clan is still adamant about having sea cucumber for their reunion dinner, it is the roots and culture that our ancestors passed down for generations. So mom ended up cooking about 1 kg of sea cucumber and everybody licked the plate (well, ok, bowl) clean!!

This recipe has been in the family for generations and the first time I tried cooking was a couple of years back under mom's supervision. Since I discovered frozen sea cucumber in Bj's couple of months back, I have been meaning to prepare this dish for some times.

And there is this little thing, hubby secretly ordered a set of LC (Le Creuset) cookware after hearing me mumbled about I was the only one in my friend's circle that has no LC pot! The set reached last week just in time for Chinese new year!

So I can't wait to cook my favorite dish in my favorite pot for my favorite people! LOL



Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kerabu Nanas【旺来(黄梨)沙拉】

Pineapple is pronounce as "ONG LAI" in Hokkian, which also means "Good fortune come my way" in Hokkian!! A very obvious reason why pineapple is a must when it comes to the prayer and celebration of Chinese New Year!

This year as usual I had Chinese new year celebration with a couple of friends, I made a pot of Sea cucumber braised pig trotter -- also a very typical Hokkianese food and this "Good Fortune" Salad.

I am tagging along with this post to wish everybody a good fortune year ahead with lots and lots of laughter and luck!!



Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Claypot Wax Meat Rice (Lap Mei Fan) 腊味煲仔饭

It is a tradition that sometimes before Chinese new year that the Chinese will prepare Wax meat or waxed meat (Lap Mei) to preserve meat for the use in Winter. The cold and low humidity condition during the season is perfect to dry the meat and preserved it for many many months to come.

This year I was lucky to have some free times around winter solstice, I made some Lap Cheong or Chinese Waxed Sausage, Waxed duck , Hakka Waxed Meat and Cantonese Waxed Meat

冬至前后是制作腊味的好时节。“秋风起,腊味香” 是广粤那里耳熟能详的口头禅,过去很多家庭都会趁着秋风起,空气冷冽干燥的时候腌制腊味。