Wednesday, February 19, 2014

【宝宝食谱 -- 马铃薯鸡肉焖饭】Potato & Chicken Claypot Rice




Dinner in our house is mostly revolving around Baby A's appetite nowadays. He is currently at the color and shape phase, that includes his foods. I had to make his meal more colorful so that he would eat a few more spoonful.

I made this easy Claypot rice with a little cherry tomatoes and small Pok Choy as garnishing (the green "rose" is the head part of mini pok choy, beautiful, aren't they?).

Baby A was so happy that he was singing along when I was feeding him!

80 克 鸡肉 (切丁,用一点料酒,一点盐,一点胡椒粉腌10分钟)
1/2 杯 泰国香米 (淘洗沥干备用)
1 只/ 100 克左右 的 马铃薯 (削皮切丁泡水备用)
1 小勺 红葱酥 或 两只红葱切片
1 杯水
3-4 棵 小白菜 (切段)
小番茄 装饰用  optional


2 小勺 酱油

80 gm chicken breast/thigh(diced into 1 cm x 1 cm cubes, marinate with a little cooking wine, a little salt and a little pepper powder for around 10 minutes.)
1/2 cup of Thai Jasmine rice(washed and drained)
1 potato around 100 gm(peel and dice into 1 cm x 1 cm cubes)
1 tsp fried shallot or 2 shallots (Sliced)
1 Cup water
3-4 Small Pok Choy (chopped)
3-4 Cherry tomatoes  optional


2 tsp Soy Sauce
few drops of sesame oil

1. 把材料都准备好,锅里下一勺油把鸡肉煸炒变色,加入葱酥。如果用的是红葱就先下红葱片煸炒香了再下鸡肉,次序转一下。

2. 加入沥干的马铃薯丁,翻炒至马铃薯带点透明状,加入白米,煸炒至白米变透明状。把所有材料倒入砂锅/锅子,加入一杯水和酱油。加盖大火煮5分钟至滚,转小火焖15分钟,打开锅盖加入青菜继续焖5分钟。熄火虚焖5分钟即可,食用前滴上几滴麻油增加香气。

1. In a cooking pan, add a tsp of oil, stir in diced chicken and cook until it changes color, add in fried shallot. If fresh diced shallot being used, switch the sequence by frying the shallot first, and add the chicken pieces later.

2. Add potato cubes into pan, stir until the edges of potatoes look a little translucent. Add rice and continue cooking until the rice too looks translucent. Transfer the whole content into a claypot or rice cooker, add 2 tsp of soy sauce and 1 cup of water. For claypot cooing, cook at high with lid covered until boiling, turn to low heat and continue cooking for 15 minutes.

3. Add chopped pok choy and cover with lid, cook for another 5 minutes. Turn down the stove and wait for another 5 minutes before serving. You could add a few drops of sesame oil before eating.

4. For rice cooker cooking, after placing the ingredients and water in the cooker, continue cooking as per the cooker's manufacturer instruction.

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