Sunday, March 26, 2017

Multi-Grain Nut + Seed Bread 坚果杂粮吐司

My mom's favourite breakfast is homemade bread with some nut butter and avocado. She brought a bread machine a few years back and have been making homemade bread since.

She has been using the same recipe that came with the bread machine for years, the kind of recipe that is made for the machine, not too bad and nothing great about it either.

Since my visit in Malaysia this time is longer, I decided to create a multigrain nut + seed bread recipe for mom to use.

I made 4 loaves of the same bread each with little adjustment to the recipe, this one last one is by far the best, with close to 70% of liquid ratio, the bread stays soft and chewy days after baking.

Mom's bread machine broke after 3rd attempts on this recipe, a workload it is not designed to take, I had to use my sister in law's KA for my fourth bread and took the opportunity to get one new machine for mom, as the old one is really subpar, and take as much as a new machine's worth to repair.