Monday, December 21, 2020

【客家咸汤圆】Hakka Savory Glutinous Rice Balls Soup



It is the week leading to Christmas, 2020 is finally coming to an end. I am truly wishing that with the New Year coming, we will also celebrate the end of this very eventful year and welcoming a peaceful year of 2021 full of joy and health.

It is Winter Solstice today, so I decided to write this savory glutinous rice balls soup to wish everyone a happy Winter Solstice.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

【南瓜苗咖喱】Pumpkin Shoots Curry (Gulai Pucuk Labu)



Sometimes during the winter last year I bought a Japanese Kabocha pumpkin to cook and buried the seeds and rinds in my raised bed to compost. The seeds germinated and gave me 2 seedlings mid-spring.

I transplanted one of them in my front yard and was doing really well, the plant began to bloom around the end of June/early July. When one pumpkin plant was about to take over my entire front yard, I had to start trimming some shots and leaves to make it manageable. 

With that, I also harvest some young shoots and male blossoms to make this pumpkin shoots curry.

Friday, October 2, 2020

【菜脯蒸鱼】Preserved Radish Steamed Fish


I have made a few batch of Preserved Radish/Chai Poh few years back, it has aged really well and is smelling so fragrance. It is perfect for this Steamed fish dish.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

【咸排骨花生粥】Salted Ribs and Peanut Congee


自从三月新泽西州宣布“就地避难” (Shelter-in-place)后,除了少数出门买菜的时候外,我们一家三口就闭关在家那么多个月了,上两周天气闷热,没什么胃口,也不想站在炉子前做饭,就做了一锅咸排骨花生粥,味道真的非常好。

I have been cooking 3 square meals everyday for the past 6 months since the order of shelter in place back in March, it is getting more and more challenging to think of dishes to cook on daily basis. 

Since the weather was quite humid and it is hard to labor in front of a hot stove, I decided to make a one pot meal today for the three of us. A very tasty Salted Ribs and Peanut Congee.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

【黄梨饼】Pineapple Tart



必须要说的是爱尔兰草饲牛油(Grass fed Butter)做糕点真是太香了!成品入口即化,做了一大罐的黄梨饼也是一下子就被消灭掉了!

Pineapple tart is not only my favorite Chinese New Year Cookie, it is also something I will bring home from the Asian market whenever I sees one. The pineapple tart I find in the Asian Market here are mostly imported from Taiwan, though it is very tasty on its own, it is not entirely the same as the one we have back home.

I brought two boxes of the Taiwanese Pineapple Tarts at the beginning of Shelter in Place Order, it was long gone since and DS has been asking for replenishment for weeks. Since I have not been shopping much at The Asian Supermarket lately to reduce the frequency of going into a public place. I decided to make the Malaysian Pineapple Tarts with the fresh pineapples I bought from Walmart online delivery.

I have to say that using Grass-fed butter to make these tarts was the best decision I have made, the tart crust turned out so good that it melts in the mouth in every bites!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

【印式鹰嘴豆零嘴】Kacang Putih

马来西亚有很多路边摊,其中一个路边摊是由早年印度南部淡米尔移民垄断的“Kacang Putih摊”,小摊子摆着很多罐子,卖的是各色香辣脆口小零嘴。

其实这些小贩一开始卖的只有蒸熟调味的鹰嘴豆,马来语就叫Kacang Putih/Puteh, 这款蒸鹰嘴豆需要不断地保温避免在炎热的天气里变馊或因被风干变得口感不好,所以售卖的时候就需要带个小炉子和蒸笼摆卖。



According to

"The history of the kacang putih (literally translated as ‘white nuts’) business goes back to the 1940s, when the British brought in migrant labourers from the Ettayapuram village in Tamil Nadu to Malaya.

A few families settled down near the limestone hill in Gunung Cheroh, Ipoh – until 1973, when the residents were relocated to Teluk Kurin B in Buntong after a slab of limestone fell onto a longhouse, killing 42 people.

 It was in the new settlement that business kicked up. The new, larger homes allowed owners to set up retail storefronts selling kacang putih, as well as other fried Indian snacks like murukku and assorted fried nuts made using recipes from Tamil Nadu. Business was so brisk that the settlement’s unwieldy name was changed to Kampung Kacang Putih – and until today, remains as the heart of a growing kacang putih industry across the country. "

The Kacang putih men have since progress much into selling different kind of snacks including Muruku, vadai and of course this original "Kacang putih"

网上抓的Kacang Putih 摊照/The Kacang Putih Stall Picture from google search

Friday, July 17, 2020

【蝶豆花椰浆饭】Nasi Lemak Biru


蝶豆花是个健康保健的好东西、有抗氧化、提升脑力、护发、提高抵抗力的效果。 在泰国,人们会把蝶豆花泡热水做成蓝色的饮料,有消暑养生的效果。

According to Wikipedia:

Clitoria ternatea, common names including butterfly pea, blue pea, Aprajita, Cordofan pea and Asian pigeonwings, is a plant species belonging to the Fabaceae family.

......Names in other languages include bunga telang (Malay), อัญชัน `anchan (Thai), đậu biếc (Vietnamese), अपराजिता Aparajita in Hindi and 蝶豆 dié dòu (Mandarin Chinese), 'Sankhu Poolu/Sankham Poolu' in Telugu, "Shankupushpam" in Malayalam language and অপরাজিতা (Aparajita) in Bengali.
A friend of mine sent me a packet of her sun-dried Blue butterfly peas, I used them to make this beautiful Nasi Lemak, it is so beautiful that I almost feel bad eating it!

Saturday, July 11, 2020

【泰式酱油炒粿条】Pad See Ew Recipe ผัดซีอิ้ว

这款泰式炒粿条是每次到泰国餐厅就会点的一道面食,比起 Pad Thai, 我更喜欢这款炒粿条。

I like to order this stir fried flat rice noodle at Thai restaurants, the taste of "charred" in this dish is very similar to my favorite Penang Char Kuay Teow, brings me right back to the humid street of South East Asia.

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