Sunday, January 26, 2020

【古早味咸蛋糕】Traditional Steamed Sponge cake with Minced Meat

小时候过年过节的时候,我们会做传统的“鸡蛋糕”(Guay Neng Koh)吃,在电动搅拌机并不普及的时代,做蛋糕是一大家子轮班用大大的弹簧大力搅拌而成的。家里祭祀祭祖时,都要做这个鸡蛋糕,用村里人自己养的土鸡生的蛋,做出来的蛋糕分外香甜。


I made Traditional steamed sponge cake/Kuay Neng Koh for the Chinese New Year celebration few days back. The same recipe can also be use to make this "Salted cake", which has minced meat with fried shallot added to the cake as filling, a type of savory cake that also smell heavenly with the shallot added to the mix.

It is an upgraded version of the simple steamed cake, a heritage delicacy that carries in the family for generations, it is very tasty and has the taste of home and my childhood.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Happy Chinese New Year 【富贵萝卜花】Blossoming Rich


It is the time of the year again, it is Chinese New Year!! 

Here is one of my Chinese New Year dishes to wish all my family and friends a very Happy Lunar New Year of 2020!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

【椰香红豆烤年糕】Baked Adzuki Bean Nian Gao



This version of Nian Gao is my go-to whenever I have a Chinese New Year gathering here in the States, a dessert that is easy to make and loved by many.

I made this cake for my family back in July during my visit and they loved it so much that I had to make another one before leaving for the States!Mom has been asking for the recipe since my returns, and since Chinese New Year is around the corner, it is about time to make it again and to record the recipe!

Sunday, January 5, 2020

【肉末烤茄子】Grilled Eggplant with Minced Meat


I always have a box of Minced Meat Sauce in the fridge, it is a very versatile and useful ingredient for cooking.

Today I am going to use it to make a type of grilled eggplant that I make very frequently, it takes only about 10 minutes to prepare if you already have the minced meat at hand.