Saturday, February 13, 2016

【传统鸡蛋糕】Traditional Steamed Sponge Cake/Kuay Neng Koh


平时过年过节的时候,我们吃的是这种传统方法做的“鸡蛋糕”(Guay Neng Koh),在电动搅拌机并不普及的时代,做蛋糕是一大家子轮班用大大的弹簧大力搅拌而成的。家里祭祀祭祖时,都要做这个鸡蛋糕,用村里人自己养的土鸡生的蛋,做出来的蛋糕分外香甜。

传统蛋糕的食谱都是家里老人口口相传的,我们家的食谱由外婆传给了舅妈,前几天给家人拜年时刚好舅妈也,我就赶紧把食谱要了来。说起这个食谱,也是非常好玩,传统的做法食谱也非常古朴。外婆传给舅妈的食谱是用饭碗来量的,我听了就问舅妈那是多大的饭碗啊?舅妈的答案居然是,就是吃饭的饭碗啊! 我当场就懵了,后来还是在视频里把我家吃饭的饭碗拿给舅妈确认了一下。


Cake was a luxury item in my home when I was young, we will only buy cake on elders' birthday, the kids get a piece each and I will savored mine a little by little hoping that it would last longer. 

This Traditional steamed sponge cake/Kuay Neng Koh (Oven is not a common thing back home, even up till today) is what we usually eat during the Chinese New Year or festive season. Electric mixer was not popular in those days, this cake was made using a huge spring like whisk and was whisked manually for a long time with few people taking turn to do it. 

This recipe was passed on to my aunt by word of mouth from the elderly, my aunt was with my mother when I called on Chinese new year eve, so I quickly grasp the opportunity to get the recipe from her and made it the next day. As traditional as this cake could be, the recipe is also very interesting, it is measured using rice bowl rather than measuring cup. I had to showed my rice bowl on facetime to my aunt to confirm the size of bowl that she used!I did, though convert it into cup/weight for recording purpose. 

The ingredients for this heritage delicacy is very simple, it produced the fluffiest cake that I had ever had, it is very tasty and has the taste of home and my childhood.

1 饭碗 / 150-160 克 低筋面粉  (过筛)
1 饭碗/6-7颗 有机 鸡蛋 
3/4 饭碗/200 克 糖 (或 2/3 饭碗/150 克 也可)
1 大勺 食油    可无
1 小勺 泡打粉     可无

1 bowl / 1 1/3 cup/ 150-160 gram of all purpose flour ( sifted )
1 bowl / 6-7 organic eggs
3/4 bowl / 1 cup/ 200 grams of sugar ( or 2/3 bowl / 150 gm )
1 tablespoon of cooking oil optional
1 tsp baking powder optional

1. 为了量出一饭碗的鸡蛋,我用了个笨方法,把鸡蛋一只只地磕入碗里直到饭碗满为止。结果就是大型鸡蛋要6只,小鸡蛋7只. 然后再用勺子把蛋黄和蛋白分开。(这款蛋糕也可用不分蛋的方式做,但做分蛋式的话,会更好吃,口感更轻盈)。

2. 把糖和蛋白先低速搅拌2-3分钟至溶解,然后高速搅拌5-6分钟至中性发泡。(就是拉起打蛋的搅拌头上边会有一个短尖,会有点弯)。

3. 把搅拌机减至低速,把蛋黄一个一个地加入拌匀。 把低筋面粉和泡打粉混匀过筛。

4. 把面粉分成三次用橡皮刮刀轻轻翻拌入蛋白,尽量从底部往上翻拌,不要大动作地划圈搅拌,以免蛋白消泡。加入1大勺的食油,拌匀即可。

1. In order to measure out a bowl of egg, I did cracked the eggs one by one into the bowl until I have a bowlful. (it takes 6 large eggs/7  medium eggs to make 1 bowl.)

2. Use a spoon to separate the yolk from white . ( The cake can be make without the egg separation method, but I personally liked the texture better with the separation method. )

3. Place sugar and egg white in a mixing bowl and start a electric mixer at slow speed stirring 2-3 minutes until sugar dissolves, set the bowl on stand mixer and whip the egg mixture until medium stiff (a short pointy peak a little bent form when the whisk head removed).  
Turn the electric mixer to lower speed, add egg yolks slowly to incorporate into the egg whites.

Sieve together cake flour with baking powder, add the flour in 3 parts. Fold in the first one-third of the flour with a spatula by hand.  Repeat until all flour incorporated, add 1 tbsp of oil and mix well using a spatula.

5.  竹蓝里铺上烘培纸,蒸笼加水煮滚至上汽。把蛋糕糊倒入竹篮里,大力在桌子上震出大气泡。入锅高火蒸30分钟。蒸好后不要马上揭盖,稍微等个五分钟才取出冷却切块。


5. Line a bamboo steamer/bamboo basket with parchment paper, heat up a steamer/until water boiling and steamed occurred.

6. Put the batter in the lined bamboo steamer, steam for 30 minutes. Let it sit for 5 minutes on steamer after switching off the stove before removing from steamer. 


  1. /Cake was a luxury item in my home when I was young, we will only buy cake on elders' birthday, the kids get a piece each and I will savored mine a little by little hoping that it would last longer./
    So lovely introduction.
    and thanks for the sharing.

  2. May I know what is the size of your steamer? Thanks for the lovely recipe!

    1. My bamboo steamer is around 10-12 inches in diameter. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. In the English version, the instructions to incorporate the egg yolks is missing.