Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hakka Waxed/cured Meat 【客家腊肉】

Together with Lap Cheong or Chinese Waxed Sausage, Waxed duck and Cantonese Waxed Meat I also made a small batch of Hakka Waxed Meat, a type of wind-dried, cured, dried meat typically made/eaten by the Hakka Clan during Chinese New Year.

This type of cured meat is unique comparing with its peers, it uses a lot of spices in its marination, it is starting by soaking the spices in Chinese spirit for days before applying to the meat, this unique method will blend and bring the aroma of spices out and gives the cured meat a very distinct and pleasant flavor.

The way of making is pretty similar to the other Chinese cured meat, it is marinated with seasoning for days and then left hung out to air dry in a dry cool place until cured for approximately 14-24 days depending on the weather.

Beside the flavor, the other difference between the cantonese waxed meat and this Hakka waxed meat is that this meat will be smoked once it is cured to give more flavor to the meat.

冬至前后是制作腊味的好时节。“秋风起,腊味香” 是广粤那里耳熟能详的口头禅,过去很多家庭都会趁着秋风起,空气冷冽干燥的时候腌制腊味。



5 lbs/2250 g Pork Belly
100 g/ml Chinese White Spirit
80 g/ml Chinese Rose Wine
8 g/ 6 Star Anise
20 g Fennel seeds
3 sticks of 2 inches long Cinnamon sticks
5 g of Cloves
10 g of Chinese Five Spice
80 g Salt

5 lbs/2250 克 五花肉
100 克 白酒
80 克 玫瑰露酒
 8 克/六只 八角
20 克 小茴香
3 根 肉桂
5 克 丁香
10克 五香粉
80 克 食盐

1. Measure out the Chinese White spirit and Rose wine, place it in a airtight jar, add the whole spices listed under ingredients (leave the Chinese five spice powder for later.), let the spices soaked in the wine/spirit for 3 days.

2. Once the spices are soaked, clean and dry the pork belly with kitchen towel, use a thick needle with cotton string to push through the stronger end of the pork belly to make a loop to aid suspension, you can also use metal hooks for this purpose.

3. Place the pork belly in a large mixing bowl, pour the spices infused wine together with whole spices over the meat, add salt and Chinese five spice powder, mix well to make sure all the meat covered with spices and place the pork belly a deep container with cover.

4. Place the pork belly in a cool, dry place like a cellar, or the fridge. Turn the pork belly every 24 hours, marinate the meat for 5-7 days.

5. Hang the pork belly strips to dry in a well ventilated place. Bring the strips back at night and keep at somewhere cool like a pantry, bring the meat out in a place with some winter sunshine once every two days, sunbathing the meat will give a glow to the meat.

6. You’ll notice the meat and skin get darker in about 7-8 days, continue to air dry the meat until dehydrated and loses about 30 percent of its original weight depending on the weather and humidity level, it could range from 14-20 days, mine took around 18 days.

Note: you can test the readiness of meat by pressing on the meat, if it is somewhat tight and feel waxy, it is ready.

1.  把白酒和玫瑰酒称量好,倒到一个宽口的玻璃瓶里, 把香料都加入酒里泡三天(五香粉先别加)。

2. 三天后,把五花肉切长条洗净用厨房纸吸干水份,用针把棉线穿过肉条尾端比较厚的地方再打结。你也可以用铁钩子挂起肉条。

2. 把肉放到大盆里,倒上泡好的香料和酒,加入五香粉和盐拌匀后摆到一个带盖的盒子里,放到阴凉处/冰箱里腌制5-7天,中间翻动数次。

3. 挂起腊肉,放到通风处风干。夜晚可以收回家放到阴凉处,白天再挂出去。5-7天后就会看见肉的颜色正在加深,当肉条开始收缩变干,体积少了差不多百分之三十的时候,就差不多好了。


注: 用手压压风干的腊肉,感觉肉皮紧缩,肉不回缩就算好了。

7. The meat is ready for smoking once it is dry enough. I smoke mine in an old wok, you can use a smoker if you have one.

8. Place a sheet of foil paper in the wok, add 1/3 cup of rice/glutinous rice,1/3 cup of Chinese green tea leaves, 3 tbsp of sugar, 2-3 cloves of garlic (Optional), and tangerine/orange peels from 2 oranges/tangerines. Combine and spread out evenly.

9. Place a round baking/cooking rack over the mixture and lay the cured meat over the rack, cover with lid and turn the stove to high, when smoke starting to show from the seam between wok and lid, turn the heat to medium low/low and smoke/cook for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The smoked meat looks more transparent and waxy once done.

Store the smoked, cured meat in cool, dry place.

4. 腊肉风干后就可以熏了。居家小打小闹地做点年货吃,不必专门地买熏炉来熏,用家里本有带盖的旧锅即可。

5. 锅底铺上一层锡箔纸,倒入1/3杯的白米/糯米,1/3杯的茶叶,3大勺的白糖,2-3瓣的蒜瓣儿(可无)和两只橘子剥下来的橘子皮,混匀。

6. 锅子里架上一个铁网,把腊肉摆上,加盖大火烧至冒烟后转小火熏制45分钟至一个小时。熏好的肉色泽透亮,很是好看。



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