Friday, December 22, 2017

Happy Winter Solstice! Gold Fish Tang Yuan 【金鱼汤圆】


It is winter Solstice today, so is the time to eat some Glutinous Rice Balls. I have a Japanese Kabocha pumpkin at home, so I made these cute little gold fish Tang Yuan for my son A. 


100 g Kabocha 
100-150 g of Glutinous rice flour
1/2 tsp of sugar 
A little bit of activated charcoal powder or black food coloring

100克 左右的 南瓜
1/2 小勺糖
一点点的活性碳粉 或 黑色食用色素

1. Remove seeds and skin of Kobucha, cut into big pieces and steamed for 15 minutes until tender.

2. Mash the Kobucha while it is hot, add the sugar. Add enough glutinous rice flour to make a soft dough, the dough will be hot, use a spatula to help or wear disposable gloves if you may.

3. Meanwhile, make another white color dough using a little warm water, take out a small piece and add some activated charcoal powder to make a small black dough.

1. 南瓜去籽削皮切块上锅蒸十五分钟至软,取出趁热捣烂,加入糖和适量糯米粉和成一个软面团。

2. 剩下的糯米粉加点温水和成白色面团,揪出一小块加入活性碳粉和成黑色小团。

4. Take a small portion of white dough and a small portion of yellow dough and roll them into long strips,combine the two to make a small tiny log.

5. Pinch the middle of the log using your fingers to make the "waist" of the fish. The remaining pictures of the making instruction were fishes without a waist, so please use your imagination. :)

6. Flatten one end of the dough to make tail/fins, with the help of scissors, cut out two tiny pieces, then making the fins impressions by pressing toothpick into the flattened dough. 

7. Make two tiny white dots using white dough and even tinier black dots using the black dough. 

8. To make the eyes, press the white dots onto both sides of the fish head followed by the black dots onto the white. If the dots are not sticking together, you can smear a little water on it to help sticking. Repeat the steps to make as many fishes as you wish.

9. Cook the gold fish Tang Yuan in rolling boil water until they floats onto the surface (which means it is cooked). Serve with gingery sugar syrup.

3. 黄白粉团各取一小团揉成长条状。然后两条一起揉成双色小圆柱。

4. 用手指把圆柱中间的部分搓细成鱼的“腰”。过程图里有几张的鱼是没腰的。因为开始的时候我忘了搓腰,后来几只我又忘了拍照,敬请谅解哈!

5. 把腰的一端用手指头压扁成鱼尾状,另一头搓圆成鱼头。

6. 用剪刀剪出鱼尾的形状然后用牙签压出鱼尾折痕。

7. 另取两份小小的白色面团,压扁一点,再放上搓成小圆点的黑色面团。 放在鱼头两边做鱼眼睛。

8. 金鱼汤圆滚水入锅煮两分钟至浮上来,放到姜汁糖水里吃。


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