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【大黄米年糕】Glutinous Millet Steamed Cake




Glutinous millet, was listed as one of the five grains in ancient times. It is yellow in color, and very sticky when cooked. The content of amino acids in millet is almost twice that of rice and wheat, thus it is a very good choice of carb in a balance diet.

The Lunar New Year is only one week away. I bought a bag of glutinous millet from the Northwestern China, and made this rice cake that is normally eaten during Chinese New Year in the North China!

300 克 大黄米
20 颗 红枣
1 小碗 红豆沙/蜜豆

300 g Glutinous millet
20 Red dates
1 small bowl of red bean paste

1. 把大黄米洗净泡水至少4个小时,我泡了一晚上。

2. 第二天沥干水份后用破壁机磨成粉,这个时候的水份应该是刚刚好的,就是用手抓一把能捏成团。

3. 可以过筛也可以不过筛,没有特别要求。

1. Wash the millet and soak in water for at least 4 hours, I soaked mine overnight.

2. Drain the water the next day and use a grinder/blender to grind the millet into powder. 

3. At this time, the water content of the millet flour should be just right, to check if it is right, just hold a handful of the flour and squeeze it in your palm, if it is forming a clump without getting loose, it is at the right water content, if not, you can add a little water to the flour.

3. You can sieved the flour before use, or just let it be, it doesn't really matter,

4. 把红枣洗净用温水泡上,去籽切半备用。准备一小碗市售或者自制的蜜豆/红豆沙。

5. 蒸笼铺上一张蒸笼布/屉布,放到锅子上开始加水加热,取2-3小把大黄米粉撒到屉布上,大约有1 公分厚左右,加盖蒸3分钟。

6. 再次撒两三把大约1公分的大黄米粉再次加盖蒸3分钟。

7. 再次开盖的时候可以铺上一层豆沙/蜜豆 。把剩下的大黄米粉均匀地撒到表面覆盖豆沙,表面铺上红枣点缀。

8. 加盖大火蒸35-40 分钟。蒸好后取出用一点点凉水拍拍屉布即可把年糕和屉布分离。


4. Wash the red dates and soak them in warm water for about 30 minutes, remove the seeds and halved them for later use. Prepare a small bowl of red bean paste, you can use the shop bought red bean paste.

5. Cover the steamer tray with a piece of steamer cloth/muslin cloth, place the tray over a pot of boiling water and start heating at high.  

6. Take 2-3 small handfuls of millet flour and spread it over muslin cloth to form about 1 cm thick of loose flour, cover with lid and steam the content for 3 minutes. Repeat one more time to make 2 layers of millet flours.

7. Once the second layer is also steamed for 3 minutes, spread a layer of bean paste over the cake. Sprinkle the remaining millet flour evenly on the surface to cover the bean paste, and place the red dates on top to the cake.

8. Cover with lid and steam the cake for 35-40 minutes on high heat. 

9. After steaming, take the cake out and pat the muslin cloth with a little cold water to separate the millet cake from the cloth, it should come off easily.

You can cut the cake into pieces and eat it right from the stove, or you can let cooled and slice it into pieces and shallow fry it on pan with little oil.

If you like it sweet, you can eat the cake with some sugar.

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