Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cantonese Roast Pork(Siu Yuk) 【广式脆皮烧肉】



按Kit的说法,是 -- “好食到冇朋友!”

My good friend Kit came and visit us from Hong Kong last week, we spent the first few days catching up and chitchatting. It was funny that we came to realized that the last few times we met, were all in different countries -- Malaysia, Hong Kong, India and now USA. The only thing unchanged is the friendship and the way we feel for each other.

As we talked about my past visit to Hongkong, I started craving for some good roast pork, one of the day when we went for grocery shopping, we bought some pork belly and decided to make this roast pork at home!

It turned out so yummy that Kit said in Cantonese that it is "hou sek dou mou pang yao!" Taste too good to have any friends! LOL

1-1.5 磅 五花肉
1 1/2 tsp 五香粉
1 tsp 盐
1 tsp 白醋/米醋

3-4 片姜片
2 根葱
1/3 杯料酒

1-1. lbs of Pork Belly
1 1/2 tsp Chinese Five Spice
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp rice vinegar
A pinch of baking soda
A little bit of oil


3-4 Slices of ginger root
2 Spring onion
1/3 cup of Chinese cooking wine

1. 先把五花肉洗干净,然后放到一锅煮有姜片,葱和料酒的锅里煮5-8分钟至五花肉变色定型。

2. 沥干,然后在肉的部分划两刀,把五香粉和盐混合。抹在肉上,小心不要抹在皮的那一面。

3. 取锡箔纸把肉和边边的部份包起来,皮上抹上1 小勺的醋,然后放到冰箱里风干/腌一个晚上。

4. 第二天,取几根牙签/竹签/钢针,在皮上插上无数个洞洞。然后薄薄的抹上一层小苏打。再抹/喷上一层薄薄的油.

5. 烤箱预热至380F(195C), 把五花肉入烤箱烤30-35分钟。取出,打开锡箔纸,把烤箱升温至 400 F (205C), 或转高火,继续烤5-10分钟至猪皮出现泡泡为止。

6. 稍微冷却,切块,沾海鲜酱吃。


1. Clean the pork belly well, blanch it in a pot with sliced ginger, spring onion and cooking wine, cook the meat for 5-8 minutes until it changes color.

2. Drained and cut about 1/2 an inch deep through the meaty part of pork belly. Rubbed the mixture of Chinese five spice and salt over the meat, make sure not to stain the skin, as the five spice may give a bitter taste over the skin after baking.

3. Wrap the pork belly around with foil paper and spread 1 tsp
 of rice vinegar over skin leave the skin part exposed to dry. Leave the pork belly in the fridge over night.

4.  The next day,use a few tooth pick/bamboo skewer/needles, poke multiple holes over the dried skin, then spread a thin layer of baking soda over the skin. Before putting it into the oven, spread or spray a thin layer of oil over the skin.

5. Preheat oven to 380F (195 C), bake the pork belly with foil for 20-25. Take out, open the foil and continue baking at 400F(205C) for another 10-15 minutes until bubbles show on the skin.

6. Take it out and wait for a little before cutting into pieces. Serve with Hoisin Sauce.

Note:make sure you place a baking sheet underneath of the pork belly, otherwise it could smoke quite bad.


  1. 有朋友自远方来,很开心。

  2. i try this recipe once when i visited my husband hometown ,also tried to cooking it (my mother inlaw thought me) well its really tasty and also tasty dish indeed