Monday, September 26, 2011

Chinese Style Almond Tea 【杏仁茶】

Legend has it that this almond milk was the beauty secret used by all concubines at the Imperial palace in ancient China.

It is also recorded in Chinese Medicine book that almond could help in skincare, lung care (to prevent cough and  asthma) and its rich fiber could also help prevent constipation and will help reducing cholesterol!

Note: The almonds used here is different than the almond we snack on, the two type of almonds I used for this milk could be found in Chinese/Asian supermarket or Chinese medicine shop, it is mostly used in medicine/soup in Chinese culinary.


80 gm or 3/4 cup of South Almond(Sweet Almond)南杏
20 gm or 1/4 cup of North Almond (Bitter Almond)北杏
50 gm or 1/4 cup of White rice
5 Cup water
Rock Sugar to taste

80 克 南杏 (甜杏仁) 或 3/4 杯
20 克 北杏 (苦杏仁)或 1/4 杯
50 克 白米 或 1/4 杯
5 杯水

1. Clean, soak almonds and rice fully submerged in water overnight.

2. Next day drained and grind the almonds and rice with 3 cups of water, sieve using a fine mesh or use a muslin cloth to squeeze out almond milk.

3. Place almond paste back into blender with 2 cups of water and blend again for 45 seconds-1 minute, repeat the same process to extract the milk.

4. Combined the milk in a deep sauce pan, add some rock sugar and bring the milk to boil, turn the heat to low to simmer the milk for 45-60 minutes or until it is fully cooked. 

5. You can also use a steam cooker to steam the milk for 45 minutes.

Note: The south almond or bitter almond has a slight bitterness and could be intoxicating if used in large quantity, make sure you use not more than the recommended quantity and boil the milk thoroughly.

1. 把南北杏仁和白米洗净泡水一晚。

2. 第二天沥干水后加3杯清水入搅拌机里搅拌1-2分钟。

3. 把杏仁奶用筛子或纱布过滤出来。

4. 把杏仁渣加两杯水再次搅拌1-2分钟,过滤/挤出二遍杏仁奶。

5. 把杏仁奶倒入小锅里加冰糖中火煮滚后转小火煮45-60分钟即可。



  1. Never knew that we can prepare almond milk at home, lovely healthy drink.

  2. Hi Umm... yeah this is the Chinese style... and I am definitely going to make one time the Indian style too!

  3. This looks sooooooooooooooo tempting!!!..Loved it totaly

  4. Ajitha, oh yes... its very good for skin... as the Chinese believed.