Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pandan Barley Water 【香兰薏米水】

Barley water is well known for its cooling property, it is used especially in the Southeast Asia, where the tropical climate brings with it the heat and humidity, this particular beverage could help to prevent dehydration and cool down the body.

It is normally made with screw pine leaves/Pandan leaves to give a sweet distinctive smell to the already very nice and creamy flavor  of barley.

It is very hard to find fresh screw pine leaves here in the States. Last week when I was traveling for work in Arizona, I paid a visit to a close friend, she show me around and I saw fresh Pandan leaves sold in the Asian supermarket. I was elated and waste no time to bring one packet home!

The Chinese traditional herb and medicine also believed that barley could help to reduce weight, cure water retention, is a good source of fibre, and could help to whiten skin tone. If used for long term, could also help to prevent freckles and wrinkles! Talking about home-made skincare huh!





1/4 cup of  hulled barley (Mixture of Chinese Pearl barley and Pearl Barley is the best)
2-4 leaves of Pandan/Screw pine Leaves
2-3 pieces of Rock Sugar (or to taste)
8-10 cups of water

1/4 杯 薏米 (最好是洋薏米和薏米仁混合)
2 片新鲜的香兰叶/班兰叶 (Pandan Leaves/Screw pine Leaves)
2-3块冰糖 (按个人口味增减)
8-10 杯水

1. Clean and soak barley for half an hour, add it to a deep claypot/stock pot together with 8-10 cups of water.

2. Clean and tie the pandan leaves into a knot, lightly rubbed it to release more fragrance. Place the pandan leaves in the pot.

3. Bring the water to boil, and reduce heat to medium low to cook for another hour. Add rock sugar after turning off stove.

1. 薏米洗净泡水半个小时,装入瓦煲里,加入8-10杯水,喜欢浓一点的用8杯水,喜欢稀一点的10杯。
2. 香兰叶洗净打个结,顺便搓搓让味道出来。把香兰叶加入锅里,先大火煮滚后转小火煮1个小时,熄火后才加入冰糖。


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