Monday, June 26, 2017

Aam Papad/Mango Fruit Roll-Ups 【日晒芒果卷】

The weather forecast is showing a 3 day continuation of hot sunny days, I make sure to take advantage of the power of nature and sun-dried a couple of snacks for us. 

The Ataulfo mangoes I bought this time were not very sweet, maybe it is still early in the season, together with the Sun-dried Sweet Potatoes I posted earlier, I also made this Mango roll ups.

It turned out so tasty the whole family likes it!



800 g/ 4 Ataulfo Mango
30 g/2 tbsp of sugar   Optional
Little bit of ghee

800 克/ 4 只 Ataulfo 芒果
30 克/2 大勺 糖 可无

1. Peel and cut out the pulp of mangoes, place the pulp and sugar in a blender/mixer, blend until smooth.

2. Place the mixture in a cooking pot and cook the mixture on medium heat for 8-10 minutes or until the mixture thickened and shows bubbles on the side of cookware.

3. Grease two plates or trays with some ghee/cooking oil, pour cooked mango paste onto the plate/trays and spread it out thinly by gently twirling the plate to let the mixture covering the whole base of plates/trays.

1. 把芒果削皮,切出果肉。把果肉和糖一起用搅拌机搅拌成糊状。

2. 把芒果糊倒入一口锅子里,中火煮8-10分钟至浓稠,或至锅子边上出现大气泡为止。

3. 在两个盘子/烤盘里抹一点无水奶油/食油防粘。把煮好的芒果糊平均地倒入盘子里,轻轻地旋转盘子让芒果糊平铺到盘底。

4. Place the mixture under direct sunshine with a food tent covering it to protect it from small insects and small animals. Sundry the mango paste for 2-3 days until the edges show signs of peeling away from the trays. 

5. Once the mango mixture turned into a thin layer of fruit leather, take the whole piece out, it should be fairly easy to peel the leather off from the trays. Cut the leather into strips and roll it up. Store in airtight container.

4. 把装有芒果糊的盘子摆到阳光直照的地方,也可加个网罩防虫子。把芒果糊晒个2-3天或至边上开始出现剥离盘子的状态。

5. 把晒干的芒果糊剥出,切成长条状,卷起密封储存即可。



  1. Just wondering what's the advantage to be sun-dried compared to use oven. Thanks.

    1. First of all, it is saving energy. I personally think it taste better with sun-dried.