Friday, June 16, 2017

Sun-dried Sweet Potatoes【日晒红薯干】

The summer came rather late this year, not until last week that we started experiencing the temperature above 90s F. Since the weather forecast is showing a 3 days continuation of hot sunny days, I make sure to take advantage of the power of nature and sun-dried a couple of snacks for us.

The first one I made was this Sun-dried Sweet potatoes that is a very famous healthy snack in Fujian Province, where my ancestors are from. It took me 2 and 1/2 days and it turned out so sweet and yummy! Just like the ones that I had in Fujian years back.



800-1000 g Sweet Potatoes
A pinch of powdered sugar  Optional

800-1000 克 红薯
一撮 糖粉  可无

1. Clean and cut the sweet potatoes into 3 inches in length. 

2. Steamed the sweet potatoes for 50-60 minutes until cooked.

3. Let cool, once it is cooled enough to work on, peel the skin and cut the sweet potatoes into strips around 2 cm in width, the sweet potatoes pieces will shrink after sun-dried, so make sure that you do not cut it too thin.

4. Arrange the potato strips on a baking sheet/bamboo strainer or colander.  

5. Place the sweet potatoes under direct sunlight and dry for 2-3 days until its size reduced around 40-50% of its original. Make sure to bring the sweet potatoes indoor at night and turn the sides everyday to allow even drying.

6. You can coat the dried sweet potatoes with very little powdered sugar to prevent sticking together and place them in an airtight container and snack on it!

1. 把红薯洗净切成3寸长左右,入蒸笼里蒸熟,大约需要50-60分钟。

2. 稍微冷却至不烫手时,剥去红薯皮后把红薯切成2公分宽的长条,红薯晒过之后体积会缩小,所以不宜切得太细。

3. 把红薯条铺开摆在竹笸上,放到阳光直照的地方晒2-3天至表面干爽,取起来还有点软韧度的时候即可。 

4. 收回的红薯干可以撒一点点的糖粉防粘,装到密封的瓶子里收藏即可。



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