Tuesday, June 28, 2022

【龙眼冰粉】Ice Jelly with Longan


Ice jelly is a very refreshing snack/dessert in this hot weather, it goes well with my son's favourite canned fruit and it is easy to make too.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

【芒果虾仁沙拉】Mango Shrimps Salad

Som Tum is the most popular salad in Thailand, you can see stalls selling it at almost most corners of the streets in Thailand. There are many types of Som Tum in Thailand with various kind of ingredients and seasoning.

The recipe I make today is a tweak from Som Tum Thai, using mango in the season and shrimps. Since summer is already here and temperature become high especially in the afternoon. I am ready for a plate of fruity salad on this hot summer day!

青木瓜沙拉和青芒果沙拉 (Som Tum) 是两款泰国最具代表性的轻食,也是国外的泰国餐厅里必有的前菜。Som Tum 摊子更是在泰国的街头巷尾都找得到,Som Tum 在泰国的做法更多样化,有咸螃蟹Som Tum, 咸蛋Som Tum,臭鱼Som Tum等等。


Saturday, June 11, 2022

【油焖笋】Braised Bamboo Shoots


My friend sent me lots of bamboo shoots so I made this famous Shanghainese Braised Bamboo Shoots, tasted so good I had the whole plate on my own!