Tuesday, June 28, 2022

【龙眼冰粉】Ice Jelly with Longan


Ice jelly is a very refreshing snack/dessert in this hot weather, it goes well with my son's favourite canned fruit and it is easy to make too.


1 包 冰粉粉

1200 克 滚水

1 小勺 罗勒籽

1 罐 罐头龙眼 


1 packet of Ice Jelly Powder

1200 ml of Hot water

1 tsp of Holy Basil Seeds/Sabja Seeds

1 Can of canned Longan

1. 把冰粉和滚水混合搅拌匀后冷却凝结即可。

2. 罗勒籽加一大杯凉开水跑开

3. 吃的时候把凉粉盛出放到碗里,加点罗勒籽、龙眼和罐头龙眼里的糖水即可。


1. Mix the ice jelly powder with hot water and stir until dissolved, leave it in the room temperature or refrigerator to cool and solidify.

2. Add the holy basil seeds in cool drinking water to soak for about 10 minutes.

3. To serve, scoop out some ice jelly, add some soaked holy basil seeds, longan and syrup from the longan.

Note: Add some lemon juice for even more refreshing flavor.

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