Friday, November 4, 2022

【马来椰香烤鸡】Ayam Percik/Malaysian Grilled Spiced Chicken With Coconut Milk


You can find this grill chicken in almost all the night and morning market in Malaysia, it is often sold together with Satay. 

I like preparing this grilled chicken for BBQ and party here in the States, it could be prepared in advance and grilled to charred and done before serving. Very easy and well loved by guests.

原料 :
1.5 公斤 鸡大腿

2-3 只 红葱头
3 瓣 蒜瓣
2 厘米 姜
1 根 香茅
2-3 根 新鲜红辣椒
100 毫升 水
300 毫升 浓椰奶
50 克  罗望子酱

2 大勺 棕榈糖/白糖
1 小勺 盐
1/2 小勺 白胡椒粉

Ingredients :
1.5 kg Chicken Thigh

Spices for gravy:
2-3 Shallots
3 cloves Garlic
2 cm Ginger 
1 stalk Lemon grass
2-3 Fresh red chilies
100 ml Water
300 ml Thick coconut milk
50g Tamarind paste

2 tablespoon of palm/raw sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon Ground white pepper

1. 把鸡大腿洗净加点食盐和姜黄粉腌制十分钟。

2. 把酱料以下的所有材料搅拌成糊状,倒入锅里煮滚。

3. 加入鸡腿煮8-10分钟,加入调味料,把酱汁煮至浓稠,即可熄火。

4. 把鸡腿和酱汁一起放到气炸锅/烤箱/炭炉上烤熟即可。气炸锅和烤箱可用180度烤15-20分钟即可食用。


1. Marinade the chicken thighs with salt and turmeric powder for 10 minutes.

2. Blend together all the ingredients listed under paste until smooth, pour the mixture into a cooking pot to cook.

3. Add the chicken thighs to the mixture, add seasoning and cook for 10 minutes until the gravy thickened. Take the chicken and gravy out and place in air tight container, let it sit in the fridge overnight or at least 6 hours.

4. Grill or bake (180 C 15-20 mins) the chicken thigh with some gravy until it is completely cooked. Served with some steamed white rice.


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