Thursday, November 24, 2016

XinJiang Style Lamb Chops 【孜然烤羊排】

It is Thanksgiving today, we decided to have a quiet celebration this year, just the three of us.  I decided to make hubby's favourite lamb chops instead of Turkey as there is no way we could have finished the whole turkey, no matter how we try. 

I have made this lamb chops many times with my Homemade BBQ seasoning powder, it always turned out very juicy and delicious. 



1 rack of Costco's Frenched Lamb Rack
1 tsp of Sea Salt
2 tsp of Cummin Seeds
2-3 tsp of Homemade BBQ seasoning powder

1 排 羊肋排
1 小勺 海盐/食盐
2 小勺 孜然
2-3 小勺 烧烤撒粉

1. Clean the lamb rack with kitchen towel, sprinkle sea salt and cumin seeds all over the rack, let it rest and marinate for about an hour.

2. Move oven rack to the center position and preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).

3. Meanwhile, heat 1 tablespoon of oil in cast iron skillet over high heat. Sear rack of lamb for 1 to 2 minutes on all sides. Set aside for 5 minutes.  If you make two racks of lamb, you can prop the two up against each other with bones interlacing like fingers.

4. Place the seared lamb into the oven and roast it for 15-18 minutes (for 1 rack, 30-45 minutes for two) depending on the degree of doneness you like.

5. Take the lamb out and brush the grease releases from roasting over the lamb and sprinkle Homemade BBQ seasoning powder generously on all sides of the lamb.

6. Place the lamb back in oven and turn it to broil, broil the lamb for 6-10 minutes until charred on the surface, again depending on the degree of doneness you like. Take the lamb out and let it rest for 5-7 minutes.

1. 羊肋排用厨房纸擦净血水后两面撒上海盐和孜然腌上一个小时。

2. 把烤箱的架子移到中间部分,预热烤箱至400 华氏度 (200 摄氏度)。

3. 平底锅里热上一大勺的食油,把羊排的四周各煎1-2分钟至表面稍带金黄色为止。煎好的羊排熄火摆锅里静置5分钟。如果你做两排羊肋的话,可以各自煎好后竖立起来交叉架起再烤(如图)。

4. 把羊排入烤箱烤15-18 分钟 ( 两排羊肋的话烤 30-45 分钟) 烤制时间可按您喜欢的生熟度适度增减。

5. 取出羊排,把烤出来的羊油刷在表面后两面均匀撒上烧烤撒粉

6. 再次入烤箱后转上火/Broil。高火烤6-10分钟至表面金黄。取出羊排稍等5-7分钟再切割。

Serve with some salad/grilled vegetables and Accordion Potato.


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