Thursday, November 3, 2016

How to Soak and Prepare Dried Cuttlefish 如何泡发鱿鱼干

I wanted to make Kangkung sotong for a long time, but I had difficulty finding pre-soaked cuttlefish in the local market. I read an article about how alkali/alkaline water was made from the wood ashes in old time.

Since I have ashes in my Charcoal BBQ grill and some dried cuttlefish, I decided to create alkaline water and soak the cuttlefish the old fashioned way.



1/2 cup of wood ashes
2-3 litres of filtered/drinking water
1 piece of dried cuttlefish

1/2 杯的 炭灰/木灰
2-3升 饮用水
1 只 鱿鱼干

1. Place wood ashes in drinking water and let it sit for a few hours, sieve if you wish to remove big chunks.

2. Wash and clean dried cuttlefish, soak in clean water for 1-2 hours if you wish. Place cuttlefish into wood ash water. Soak for 24 hours.

3. Rinse and clean the soaked cuttlefish thoroughly and use it as you wish.

1. 把炭灰和木灰泡到饮用水里几个小时,用纱布过滤,备用。

2. 把鱿鱼干洗净泡水1-2个小时后泡入炭灰水里泡发24个小时。

3. 把泡好的鱿鱼干冲洗干净就可以按食谱要求处理了。

Note:I find the cuttlefish soaked this way is still a little chewy after preparation, I may try next time with alkali.


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