Monday, June 20, 2016

Sweet Potato donut (balls)【番薯蛋】

This sweet potato donut is a very common snack in Malaysia, it is mostly available in pasar malam (night markets)and food stalls, a good snack over afternoon.

I bought very good sweet potatoes few days back and made these balls for teatime. I sent a plateful over to my neighbour, her son had a bite and said “This is Malaysian donut, nice!".

番薯蛋是家乡一个很普遍的零食,是每次去Pasar Malam或者斋戒月的开斋摊子一定要买的一个甜食。 今天做好了给隔壁阿姨送了一盘过去,她的儿子拿起来吃了一口就说。。。“这是马来西亚甜甜球哦!好吃!"


200 gm Sweet potatoes (any colours)
1/4 cup  All purpose flour (All purpose flour and starch can be adjusted according to the consistency of dough)
1 tbsp Corn starch/tapioca flour
1 tbsp sugar
1/8 tsp Baking soda
Some caster sugar for dusting  optional

200克 番(红)薯(什么颜色的都可以)
1/4 杯 面粉  (面粉和薯粉的量可以根据番薯的粘度调整)
1 tbsp 木薯粉  
1 tbsp 
1/8 tsp Baking soda  
糖粉(caster sugar)适量  可无

1. Peel, cut and steam sweet potatoes until soft, mashed and add all purpose flour, cornstarch, sugar and Baking Soda to make a soft dough。

2. Spread a little oil on palm, take out some dough using a small teaspoon, make it into a small ball, the dough is quiet sticky, so do not worry about it being too soft, as long as the dough could hold together to form a ball, it should be fine.

3. Heat oil at medium heat, test the temperature using a small dough, if it turned brown instantly, the oil is too hot, it should start bubbling and the dough should float on the oil, fry the balls until golden brown in color.

4. Drain excess oil, set it on a plate, sprinkle caster sugar on top, Serve warm。

1. 把番薯削皮,蒸软,然后压成泥, 把面粉、薯粉、糖和 Baking Soda加入,和成软软的面团。  

2. 手掌抹一点点油,用一个茶匙掏出面团搓成丸子状,如果面团比较粘是很正常的,基本上只要能搓成丸子就好了。  

3. 然后把油热到差不多7-8成的时候,转中火,下番薯蛋,中火慢慢的炸成金黄色,差不多要7-8分钟的模样,如果一下锅很快就变色就表示油温太高了,最好先用一小团粉试试看。  

4. 沥干油之后,即可食用。也可以撒上糖粉吃。  

中文-- 番薯蛋