Sunday, May 22, 2016

Nian Gao Spring Roll 【三色年糕卷】

I made Nian Gao/Traditional Chinese New Year Cake the way my grandmother has done years back during Chinese New Year this year. It took me a good 15 hours to make the Nian Gao the traditional way. It was tedious and hard work, but it paid off eventually. 

Nian Gao made the traditional way will not become moulded fast and could be stored in cold dry place for years. It also tasted so much better and the texture much Chewier. 

We normally eat Nian Gao deep frying with coated batter, I am trying a new way today using a spring roll wrapper, I have to say that I actually like this one better!




1/2/400 g of Nian Gao 
1/4/300 g Yam 
1/300 g Sweet potato
25 - 30 sheets of popiah skin (Medium size) 
Oil for deep frying
Some egg white to brush on edges

1/2只/400 克 的年糕 
1/4只/300 克 荔浦芋头  削皮
1只/300 克 红薯 削皮
25 - 30 张 春卷皮(中型)
适量 食油 炸春卷用
一点蛋白 粘合用

1. Cut Sweet potato, yam and Nian Gao into 1x1 cm in width and around  8 cm in length, try to cut it as identical as possible.

2. Place a piece of spring roll wrapper over the counter, line the yam, sweet potato and Nian Gao sticks in such a way that Nian Gao is in the middle.

3. Brush egg white over all four sides of the wrapper, fold and roll it up like a spring roll. Repeat for the remaining ingredients.

4. Fry at medium-medium low heat until golden in color. Serve warm.

1. 把红薯,芋头和年糕分别切成 1x1 公分宽,8公分长的长条,尽量切得大小一致。

2. 取一张春卷皮,把芋头,年糕和红薯条排列好,记得把年糕摆中间,这样炸的时候比较不会漏出来。

3. 把春卷皮四周轻轻刷上一点蛋白,折起卷好成春卷装。把所有材料用一样的方式准备好。

4. 中小火把年糕卷炸至金黄色即可。趁热食用。



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