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【印式鹰嘴豆零嘴】Kacang Putih

马来西亚有很多路边摊,其中一个路边摊是由早年印度南部淡米尔移民垄断的“Kacang Putih摊”,小摊子摆着很多罐子,卖的是各色香辣脆口小零嘴。

其实这些小贩一开始卖的只有蒸熟调味的鹰嘴豆,马来语就叫Kacang Putih/Puteh, 这款蒸鹰嘴豆需要不断地保温避免在炎热的天气里变馊或因被风干变得口感不好,所以售卖的时候就需要带个小炉子和蒸笼摆卖。



According to

"The history of the kacang putih (literally translated as ‘white nuts’) business goes back to the 1940s, when the British brought in migrant labourers from the Ettayapuram village in Tamil Nadu to Malaya.

A few families settled down near the limestone hill in Gunung Cheroh, Ipoh – until 1973, when the residents were relocated to Teluk Kurin B in Buntong after a slab of limestone fell onto a longhouse, killing 42 people.

 It was in the new settlement that business kicked up. The new, larger homes allowed owners to set up retail storefronts selling kacang putih, as well as other fried Indian snacks like murukku and assorted fried nuts made using recipes from Tamil Nadu. Business was so brisk that the settlement’s unwieldy name was changed to Kampung Kacang Putih – and until today, remains as the heart of a growing kacang putih industry across the country. "

The Kacang putih men have since progress much into selling different kind of snacks including Muruku, vadai and of course this original "Kacang putih"

网上抓的Kacang Putih 摊照/The Kacang Putih Stall Picture from google search

1 杯 干鹰嘴豆
1/2 小勺 食盐
1/2 小勺 姜黄粉

1 大勺 食油
1/2 只 中型 紫洋葱 (切碎)
8-10 片 咖喱叶
2-3 只 干辣椒 (切段)
1 小勺 芥菜籽
1/2 小勺 或 适量食盐 ( Or to your taste)

1 cup of Dried Chickpeas
1/2 tsp of salt
1/2 tsp of Turmeric Powder

1 tbsp of cooking oil
1/2 Medium size Bombay Onion (Chopped)
8-10 Curry leaves
2-3 Dried Red Chilies (Cut into 1 inch)
1 tsp of Mustard Seeds
1/2 tsp of salt ( Or to your taste)

1. 把鹰嘴豆洗净挑出坏豆子,加4杯水没过泡一晚上。

2. 第二天把豆子沥干再次洗净后倒入高压锅里,加水没过豆子大约1厘米,加食盐和姜黄粉,加盖中火压10-12分钟,让高压锅自然出气后倒出豆子沥干备用。

注: 如果没有高压锅,也可以用锅子加6杯水加盖中火煮2个小时或至豆子变软后倒出沥干备用, 因为水份比较多,可以把食盐加到1小勺。

3. 锅里热上1大勺食油,加入芥菜籽稍微爆香后把洋葱、咖喱叶和辣椒干加入煸炒香。

4. 把鹰嘴豆倒入,拌匀后加盐调味再稍微翻炒即可。

1. Clean the dried chickpeas and remove any bad ones, add 4 cups of water and soak it overnight.

2. The next day, wash and drain the soaked chickpeas, add some water (about 1 cm submerging the chickpeas), salt and turmeric powder. Pressure cook the beans for 10-12 minutes, let the pressure cooker release pressure naturally.

Note: If you do not have a pressure cooker, you can cook the chickpeas in a pot with lid by adding 6 cups of water and cook at medium heat for 2 hours. You may increase the salt to 1 tsp in this case.

3. Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a cooking pan, add the mustard seeds first until cracked, add chopped onion, curry leaves and red chilies and cook for a minute.

4. Add the cooked chickpeas and turn well with the herbs, cook for a few more minutes, serve warm.

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