Saturday, December 30, 2017

Salt-Free Chinese Pickled Cabbage 【东北酸菜】

The North East is the granary of China, it has very fertile lands and very distinguish seasons. Winter is harsh in North East, with harsh weather comes very little fresh vegetables.

Fortunately, fall in North east abounds in Chinese cabbage, one vegetables that is known for its storability. Another way to preserve the abundance Chinese cabbage is to pickle the vegetable. 

The pickled cabbage has a long shelf life and a distinctive sour flavor, which makes it a very unique ingredients in many delicious dishes mainly made in Winter.



1-2 Large Chinese Cabbage
2 liters of cooled boiled water

1-2 颗 大白菜
2 升凉开水

1. Quartered the Chinese cabbage, give it a quick rinse and drain.

2. Clean and sanitize a large clay/ceramic/glass container, the container you use to pickle cabbage needs to be completely clean and dry before you start.

3. Bring a pot of water to rolling boil, blanch the cabbage for 30-45 seconds,drain and let it cool.

4. Boil 2 liters of filtered water and let it cool, make sure you cover the jar/container before using it.

5. Place the cabbage in the container as tightly as you can and place a small plate over the cabbage and place a heavy object over the plate to weigh the cabbage down.

6. Pour the cooled boiled water over cabbage to submerged it, place the container in cold dry place.

1. 把大白菜切开成半/或一分为四,洗净滴干水。

2. 把腌渍酸菜的瓦罐/缸洗净用滚水消毒后晾干备用。

3. 把半锅的水煮滚后将白菜入水里快速烫一下,沥干水份。

4. 煮滚两升的过滤水,冷却备用。

5. 把滴干水的白菜摆入罐/缸里压实,复盖一个小盘子,加上重物压实。

6. 注入凉开水没过白菜,把瓦罐/缸摆到凉爽干燥的地方。

7. Check the cabbage in a week's time, you should be able to see a thin layer of white film over the cabbage. Just scoop the film out using a clean spatula/spoon.

8. Add some cooled boiled water to submerge the cabbage. The pickle is ready in 30 days. It is good for months if it is stored in cold, dry place in its brine.

7. 第一周白菜缸里会有一层白色的薄膜,俗称“白醭”。可以用个干净的勺子舀掉一些白醭,再加些凉开水。

8. 把罐/缸再次摆到凉爽干净的地方,每周查看一次。如果缸里的水溢满了,可以舀出一些倒掉,确保水没过白菜即可。30天后酸菜就可以食用了。

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