Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Onion/Scallion Pancake with Yeast dough 发面葱油饼

It's finally spring In New Jersey, and I was elated to see the spring onion seeds I sowed last autumn are not just sprouting but already a full grown! 

There is no better way to use fresh spring onion than to make it into tasty spring onion pancakes. You could make this pancake with or without yeast, each has its own charm, and equally tasty.


250 gm All Purpose Flour
115-125 gm warm water 
1/2 tsp dry yeast
1/2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Sesame seeds 
a pinch of Szechuan pepper powder (optional)
a pinch of pepper powder
3-4 tbsp oil

250克 All Purpose Flour (中筋/普通面粉)
115-125 克 温水 (慢慢加入和面)
2-3 根青葱
1/2 小勺 酵母
1/2 小勺 盐
1 小勺 芝麻
3-4 大勺 油 

1. Knead flour, water, salt and yeast together to form a soft dough, Do Not put yeast and salt close together, the salt can dehydrate yeast and kill it. Just place them at different corners in the mixing bowl before adding lukewarm water.

2. Cover the dough with lightly moist, clean towel and place it in a warm place for about 1-2 hours, when it doubled its size, it's ready.

3. Chopped the green part of spring onion as fine as you could handle.

4. Knead the dough well, and divide into 2 equal parts. Take one part and roll it out to a big sheet about 6x8 inches in size. Brush a layer of oil (shallot oil if you have it) on the sheet, sprinkle some salt, pepper powder, sichuan pepper powder and evenly spread the chopped spring onion/scallion.

5. Now roll the spread dough from top to bottom to form a long cylinder. Twist the cylinder a little like how you would twist a towel to squeeze out water. This step is to squeeze out the air in the sheet to help prevent outbreak of chopped spring onion when we flatten it out.

6. Roll the cylinder along the length and tuck the end underneath, the dough should now look like a snail shell as shown in picture. Repeat the steps for the remaining dough.

1. 先把面粉和水加入盐和酵母揉成一个软面团(尽量把酵母和盐分开两个角落加入和面),加盖放到温暖处发酵成双倍大。

2. 取青葱绿色的部分切成葱花,白色的部分加4-5大匙的油微波炉里加热1-2两分钟,至葱白变黄,取出炸黄的葱白,留下葱油。

3. 把发酵好的面团揉出空气,切成一半。取一半擀开成一个薄薄的面片,刷上刚刚熬好的葱油,撒上一点盐,一点胡椒粉,一点花椒粉,再均匀地把葱花撒上。

4. 然后由上至下,慢慢地卷起,稍微类似拧毛巾/麻花那样的拧一拧已经成圆筒状的面卷(这个做法是把空气挤压出来,待会儿擀的时候葱花才不会漏得太厉害)把卷起来的面饼再卷成螺旋状(如图),尾端塞到底部,压实放一边松弛。

7. Lightly press the dough to flatten it, roll it out using a rolling pin to form a pancake should be around a size of a dessert plate, about 4-5 mm in thickness.

8. Brush a layer of water on top of the pancake and sprinkle some sesame seeds, lightly roll the surface to press the sesame in. Wait for another 15-20 minutes, this will allow the dough to raise the second times before cooking.

9. Heat a cooking pan up with a little oil. Cook the pancake at medium heat, remember to cover the pan with lid. This way, the pancake will turn out crispy outside and tender inside!

10. Turn the pancake to cook the other side when the bottom is crispy and golden in colour, when both sides turned golden in colour, it is done!

5. 面团松弛15分钟后,取一个擀开成盘子大小。表面刷上水,稍微等几秒钟,撒上芝麻,用擀面杖轻轻擀一下把芝麻稍微压实。稍等15-20分钟,二次发酵。

6. 热上一口平底锅,倒入一点油,中火煎饼,记得加盖喔!两面煎黄就好了!外酥内嫩的葱油饼!


  1. These are beautiful! I could learn a lot on your blog.

  2. Hi Dee,yeah it looks soooo beautiful with black and white sesame right?

    Welcome to my blog!

  3. Hello from the Netherlands, Echo.
    Your blog is so awesome! I love your pancakes, it looks so appetizing and pretty!
    Would it be possible to sprinkle some cheese or thinly cut ham along with the chopped spring onions ?

    Many thanks for such lovely cooking blog, keep up your great work.


  4. hi Hiven,

    Welcome to my blog!! Yes of course you can do that, and I bet it will taste very good too!!

    Look forward to your visit again!!

  5. Hi Echo,

    I made some pancakes for lunch. Instead of using spring onions and spices, I replaced them using chopped coriander leaves and add some grated cheese and chopped ham. I did not use yeast nor salt, but the pancakes are still very nice and salty enough (due to the cheese and ham),They are simply yumm yumm!
    The reason, I omit the spring onions is because of my dog, he loves pancakes and most of all cheese! It is not possible eating cheese pancakes without sharing him :D.
    Thanks again!

  6. Hiven,hi。。。your version sounds great too! Your dog is lucky.. I hope he/she likes it too!