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Home-made Tempeh/Tempe 【丹贝(Tempeh)制作】


传统的做法是把煮熟脱皮的大豆加入根黴属(Rhizopus spp.)真菌,用香蕉叶包裹,室温(30C/85F)左右发酵36-48个小时,成白色饼状豆制品.可以用来烹调成多种不同的美食,是天然的肉类代替品。


真是营养好吃的食品,和豆腐/纳豆齐名喔!在欧美,丹贝也越来越受素食者的欢迎,一般的健康食品专卖店如 Whole food/Trader Joes 都有售卖丹贝或丹贝制作的素食品,也越来越多人开始自己在家制作丹贝罗!

Tempeh/Tempe is a fermented soy bean product originally from Indonesia. It is traditionally made with cooked soy bean (shelled) naturally cultured/fermented with Rhizopus spp. wrapped in banana leaves,  and leave it under Indonesia/Malaysia's tropic weather (30C/85F)for 36-48 hours. 

A white colour cake will form, and can be use to cook many delicious dishes, it is often used as meat analogue in some recipes too.

It has gained more and more fame amongst vegetarian/vegan, so much so that people do start making it at home!
And here are the way to make home-made Tempeh/tempe.


1 杯 大豆 (或300克)

1 杯 黑豆  (或300克)

1 大勺 白醋/苹果醋

1/4 小勺 或 1 克 丹贝黴菌(Tempeh Starter

水 适量

2 张 干净的塑料袋

1 cup Soy bean(300 gm)
1 cup Black Bean ( 300 gm)if not available, just use 2 cups of soy bean
1 tbsp Vinegar
1/4 tsp or 1 gm of Tempeh Starter
Water for cooking
2 Clean sandwich/zipped lock bag



然后加水没过豆子,加入1 tbsp的白醋/苹果醋,微波8-10分钟。倒掉水,加热一分钟,拌匀,再加热一分钟,做这个动作4-5次。直到豆子的水份减少。

冷却豆子,至室温,拌入1/4 tsp的丹贝黴菌,一定要拌匀,这样丹贝才会发酵均匀。也记得要冷却豆子,不然黴菌会失效。

Soaked soy bean and black bean for 10-12 hours, make sure the beans are all submerged in water
Use your hand to squeeze the soaked bean in kneading motion this is to remove the hulls as much as you can, also to break the beans. Stir gently so that the hulls will come on the surface, pour the water so that the hulls will be removed, add fresh water and continue this process until most hulls are removed, not too worry if some are remaining.
Now using a microwavable cook ware, add enough water to the beans, and 1 tbsp of vinegar, microwave the beans for 8-10 minutes. Remove water, now cook the bean without water for 1 minute, take out, stir well, and add another 1 minute, repeat for 4-5 times or till the water content reduced.
Leave the cooked beans aside to cold down, when the bean's temperature is just slightly higher than room temperature (around 30 C),  mix in 1/4 tsp of tempeh starter,mix well so that the beans could be inoculate evenly. Make sure you wait for the beans to cold down before adding starter, high heat could kill the starter.





Take 2 plastic bags and perforate them with holes evenly distribute with tooth pick or bamboo stick, this will allow the mould to breathe.
Fill the bags equally with the beans, and fold the opening, lightly burn to seal the folded edge,leave it aside at warm place 30C/85F,ferment for 36-49 hours.
The bags should be filled completely with white mycelium, and bags become lighter, when the entire contents can be lifted out as a whole piece easily, it is done!

中文版,For Chinese,Click --》丹贝制作

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