Thursday, June 23, 2011

Red Rice Vinesse Chicken (Ang Chow Chicken) 【红糟鸡】

As I have couple of bottles of Home-Made Chinese Red Rice Wine and Vinesse(Foo Chow Ang Jiu & Ang Chow) that I made in march, it's about time to make this very colourful Chicken!


3-4 pieces of drumstick/ thigh (Around 1 lb) cut into pieces
2 tbsp Shredded ginger
1 tbsp Ang Chow
2 tbsp Rice Wine/Chinese cooking wine
1-2 tbsp Light Soy sauce (or to taste)
1 tsp Sesame oil
1/2 tsp Brown Sugar

3-4只鸡腿 (大约一磅),剁块
2 大勺 姜丝
1 大勺 红糟
2 大勺 米酒/绍兴酒
1-2 大勺 酱油 (根据口味调整)
1 小勺 麻油
1/2 小勺 红糖

1. Slowly fry the shredded ginger with 1 tsp of sesame oil till it become crispy and golden in color. Keep it aside.

2. Marinate chicken pieces with Ang Chow for at least an hour. 

3. In the same cooking utensil, add chicken pieces and cook at medium heat, cook for about 5 minutes until the chicken changes color, add half of the fried shredded ginger.

4. Add 1 1/2 cup of water and bring to boil, reduce heat to medium, cover with lid and cook for another 10 minutes or till the water reduced to half.

5. Season with sugar, soy sauce and continue cooking for another 8-10 minutes or till the chicken is cooked and tender. 

6. Add the Chinese cooking wine or rice wine and cook for another minute or two before serving.

Garnish with remaining fried ginger. Can you believe its color is all natural?

1. 把姜丝用1小勺的麻油/香油爆香备用。


3. 在刚刚煸姜丝的锅子里把鸡肉炒至变色,不需再另外加油。加入一半的姜丝一起炒。

4. 倒入1 1/2 杯水,煮滚后转中加盖焖煮大约 10分钟至汤汁减少至1/2左右。加糖和酱油调味,再中小火焖煮8-10分钟至收汁,起锅之前淋上米酒/绍兴酒,再稍稍煮煮即可。


Note: The Chinese believe Ang Chow is specially beneficial to women, and could help prevent most if not all of the female diseases/sickness.

注:李時珍「本草綱目」記載, 紅糟活血化瘀, 有助分解食物, 幫助消化, 是治婦人病的良藥, 幫助排除體內毒素, 可當作養生食品, 達至健胃整腸, 長壽和美容的功效.



  1. 哇~超漂亮的红糟鸡^^

  2. Owh I've fallen in love with the chicken color!!! SO inviting...:)

  3. Yeah.. its so red that it is almost odd... but its all natural!