Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mint Tea 【薄荷茶】

This was made during the peak of summer. It was more than 90 F today and I had absolutely no appetite for anything. I walked out to my garden during hot afternoon. Clipped a few stems of sweet peppermint to make this mint tea, and sweetened with honey. 

With a good book at hand... my afternoon is just perfect !



“薄荷辛凉性发汗解热药,治流行性感冒、头疼、目赤、身热、咽喉、牙床肿痛等症。处用可治神经痛、皮肤瘙痒、皮疹和湿疹等。平常以薄荷代茶,清心明目。其叶长于发汗,梗偏于理气。 ”

1 cup of fresh mint leaves
2 cups of water
Rock sugar/Brown sugar/Honey to taste

1 杯 新鲜的薄荷叶
2 杯 水

1. Harvest some mint leaves from my garden. Clean and pick the leaves, crush the leaves a little with hand.

2. In a small pot, bring 2 cups of water to boil with mint leaves in it, cover and cook for a few minutes.

3. Turn off the stove and add 1 red tea bag into the pot. Cover with lid and wait for 2 minutes before adding sugar, if honey is used, add only before serving.

4. Pour the tea into a cup, it could be serve hot too.

1. 院里采收来的一盆薄荷。洗净后摘下大约一杯的薄荷叶,我会稍微用手抓抓。

2. 小锅里倒入两杯水煮滚后加入薄荷叶,加盖煮几分钟分钟,不要太久了。

3. 熄火趁热加入一个红茶包,加盖泡大约两分钟。如果用冰糖和红糖这个时候可以加入。如果用蜂蜜,可以等过滤倒入杯子,稍微降温了才加入。