Saturday, June 29, 2013

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

It's summer again!! All I could think of is some cold sweet sourish dessert!

I got hooked to the frozen yogurt last summer, this year I decided to try a homemade version, it turned out sooooo yumm!

1 lb Strawberries
1 Box 32 oz (4 cups)of plain Greek Yogurt
2/3 Cup sugar or sweetener equal to 2/3 cup in sweetness
1 tbsp Lemon juice

Icecream Maker

Take out the insert of ice cream maker and freeze it for at least 24 hours before starting. (Or according to manufacturer Instruction).

Hulled and cut strawberries, add sugar and lemon juice, toss them together and let the strawberries macerate for 20-30 minutes.

Add Strawberries and juice to the mixer and lightly blend it, make sure it is still a little chunky. take out half of the chopped berries.

Blend the remaining half with greek yogurt until smooth. NOTE: DO NOT ADD WATER.

Assemble the ice cream maker according to manufacturer instruction. Pour in the yogurt mixture and the other half of chopped strawberries.

Start the machine for 20-30 minutes or churn until the mixture become soft ice cream in textutre. You can serve soft or place the ice cream in a covered container, put it back into freezer and hardened for another 1-2 hour before serving.

Scoop out a few balls and enjoy!

中文版,For Chinese,Click--》草莓酸奶雪糕

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