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Penang (Assam) Laksa (With Fresh Sardines) 【槟城/亚参叻沙】

The first time I had this Penang laksa was when I was around 10, my grandparents brought us to Penang for a road trip. We visited the famous Kek Lok Si (极乐寺)and enjoyed this famous Penang laksa down hill before climbing up to the temple.

I have to be honest that my first encounter was pretty rough as I didn't quiet comprehend the spicy sourish soup base. As I grow older and Penang laksa started expanding their territories down south, I grow into liking this spicy fish soup noodle more. 

I loved the fact that it brought together so many fresh ingredients and gives such a rich experience to the taste buds.

我十岁的时候第一次跟着外公外婆到马来西亚北部的槟城游玩,当地一个很有名的景点是在山上的极乐寺(Kek Lok Si),山脚下有很多的小摊子摆卖手工艺品和小吃。其中一个摆在店铺旁边的小摊子每每只要一开档,前面就会排着长长的队伍,卖的就是这款槟城亚参叻沙。


Ingredients for Paste: 
12-15 dried chilies
3-4 Bird's eye chili  Optional
2-3 stalks of lemongrass - used only the white part, chopped
1 piece turmeric (thumb size)
2 tbsp of belachan (fermented shrimp paste) (around the size of 1 domino card)
80 gm of shallots

Ingredients for soup based:
2 lbs of frozen/fresh sardines (or Indian mackerels)
10-12 sprigs of laksa/Vietnamese mint leaves/Polygonom leaves (daun kesom) use only the leaves
2 Torch ginger flower (Bunga kantan) I used the frozen ones (Coarsely sliced)
4-5 slices of dried Garcinia Cambogia (Assam keping/Gelugor)
4-5 tbsp tamarind paste (Assam Jawa)
1 piece galangal (Lengkuas) (thumb size)
1-2 tsp salt or to taste
2 tbsp sugar

Other ingredients and garnish:
2 packets of laksa noodle (濑粉)
1/2 fresh pineapple, peeled, cored, de-eyed, and shredded
2 cups of fresh mint leaves
2-3 shallots/bombay onion, thinly sliced
1/2 cucumber, seeded and shredded
1 red chili (sliced)
2 tbsp of  sweet fermented shrimp paste (Hae ko) Dilute with 3 tbsp of hot water


12-15 只辣椒干

3-4 朝天椒  可无
2-3 根 香茅 - 只用白色部分,切小段
1 只拇指大的黄姜/Turmeric
2 tbsp 大约骨牌大小的虾酱/Belachan 
80 克的 红葱/Shallots

2 lbs 冷冻或新鲜的沙丁鱼 (或用鲭鱼代替)
10-12 根的叻沙/越南薄荷叶/Polygonom leaves (daun kesom) 只取叶子
2 根姜花/Torch ginger flower (Bunga kantan)  我用了冷冻的,初略切碎
4-5 片的亚参片/dried Garcinia Cambogia (Assam keping/Gelugor)
4-5 tbsp 罗望子/酸子酱 Tamarind paste (Assam Jawa)
1 块拇指大的兰姜/ galangal (Lengkuas) 
1-2 tsp 或适量的盐 
2 tbsp 糖

2 包的 濑粉 laksa noodle 
1/2 个黄梨,削皮,去芯,去眼,切丝
2 杯 薄荷叶
2-3 只 红葱/洋葱,切丝
1/2 只黄瓜 去籽,切丝
1 只 红辣椒,切片
2-3 tbsp 虾膏/Hae ko 用 3 tbsp热水兑好

1. Defrost and clean the sardines by removing scales and guts. Rinsed and wash thoroughly.

2. Bring 10-12 cups of water to boil, add the sardines and cook for 10-12 minutes, or until the fishes are cooked. Remove sardines from the soup and set aside to cool.

3. Sliced galangal, chopped the torch ginger flower and cleaned the Vietnamese mint leaves, add these ingredients into soup and boil at medium heat for another 25-30 minutes.

4. When the sardines cooled down enough to work on, pick the flesh out of all the fishes, break the meat into smaller pieces. Discard the bones and heads.

1. 沙丁鱼去鳞,去内脏,洗净备用。

2. 在一口深锅里加入10-12杯水煮滚,加入沙丁鱼煮10-12分钟,或至鱼肉煮熟,把鱼取出。
3. 兰姜切片,把姜花切好,叻沙叶洗净,全部加入刚刚煮鱼的汤里中火熬煮25-30分钟。
4. 沙丁鱼冷却至不烫手时,把鱼肉剥出,稍微捏碎。把鱼头和鱼骨丢弃不用。

5. Grind all ingredients under Ingredients for paste into a smooth paste, in a cooking pot, heat up 2-3 tbsp of oil, cook the paste for 8-10 minutes of until oil separated at the edge.

6. Dish out all galangal pieces and part of vietnamese leaves and ginger torch, try to keep half of the vietnamese mint in the soup.

7. Add cleaned Garcinia Cambogia (Assam keping/Gelugor) and cooked chili paste into pot and boil for another 10 minutes, add the fish pieces and cook for another 10 minutes, season with sugar, salt and tamarind paste, adjust taste to your liking and cook for another 10 minutes, the fish soup is ready.

5. 把酱料里所有材料加点水用搅拌机搅拌成糊状,在一口锅里,加入2-3 tbsp的食油,把酱料煮8-10分钟,或至边上泛油。

6. 把兰姜片取出,然后取出一半的叻沙叶和一半的姜花。剩下的一半继续熬煮。

7. 加入亚参片Garcinia Cambogia (Assam keping/Gelugor)和煮好的酱料一起熬煮10分钟,加入鱼肉继续煮10分钟。加入盐,糖和罗望子酱调味,也可根据自己的喜好调味,再熬煮5分钟即可。

8. Bring a pot of hot water to boil and cook the noodle, prepared all garnishes accordingly.

9. Place some noodle in a bowl, add the soup and garnish with all the garnishing ingredients, serve with some fermented shrimp paste.

8. 取另外一口锅,煮滚一锅水,把濑粉烫好。所有的配菜准备好。

9. 在一只碗里装好濑粉,淋上鱼汤,铺上所有配菜,趁热和虾膏一起吃!

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