Sunday, October 25, 2015

Homemade Red Wine - As easy as I can recipe

We visited a Korean Farm last year when mom and my brother visited the States. The farm had very good wine grapes on sale, so I bought 5 lbs to try making red wine with my brother.

Though I did harvest the wine after 21 days. It was bottled and kept for 1 year before tasting.

Since I am just making it for fun and mainly to satisfied my curiosity, I didn't go too technical with my approach, neither did I invested in any expensive tools. I just took extra care to make sure the utensils and glass jar are sanitized and super clean.

This is the grapes I used. Many online posts suggested not to wash the grapes as the natural yeast on the skin of grapes is key to fermentation.

I had to say that I did washed my grapes and my wine seems to ferment just fine. So it is really a personal choice.

Ingredients:(Make 2 bottles)
5 lbs
350 gm sugar (or less)

1. Clean the grapes and cut off the stems using a scissor, cut as close to the skin as possible so that the fruits was not bruised.

2. Drain the grapes thoroughly and place it on Bamboo Bonzaru Strainer/
colanders. Spread it out as lesser layers as possible. Placed the grapes under the sun for half an hour or so at area with good aeration. Once the surface of grapes are dry, it is ready to be crush.

3. Placed grapes in a clean glass wide mouth jar, put on disposable gloves and start crushing the grapes as much as you can by squeezing the grapes to release the juice.

4. Add sugar and stir until sugar dissolved. Lightly cover the jar and you can cover with clean towel if you wish. Store in warm place where temperature is around 70F. Stir with cleaned, sanitized spatula every few days to facilitate the growth and rotation of yeast.

4. Strain and harvest after 21-28 days, bottled and store.

Note:The longer the fermentation time, the stronger the wine will be, if you prefers stronger wine, let it ferment more than 21 days.

Note 1:Strain twice using clean cheese clothes during harvest will give you a clearer wine.

Note 2:Make sure all the utensils and jars used are sanitized, dried and very clean to prevent contamination.

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